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The Great Math Mystery
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:15:08 AM »

The attached documentary is all about math and it starts at the very beginning of our discoveries. The influence that math has on our daily lives is evident but is taken for granted mostly due to complacency and an unwillingness to learn.

Using math to improve our lives should be common to all people but only a few take charge of its abundant opportunities.

Roulette is a numbers game and numbers are the basic expression of math; the math language if you please.

Watch the video and note the process of analytical thinking that opens opportunity.

Developing or learning about existing methods to base your roulette game upon is simply the ability to understand the force of predictability that math presents.
Some say that patterns in roulette mean nothing. They also say that we will find a pattern if we look for it but will not be able to use it to our benefit because we lack the power of accurate prediction. There are many many methods that rely on patterns and I do agree to a point that predicting the exact time of recurrence of these patterns is not always possible. Why is it not always possible? What are we doing wrong or not doing at all to get the predictions correct?
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Re: The Great Math Mystery
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2019, 12:03:09 PM »
Math can not be sidestepped in roulette. Do you work with math going into your game or do you only use it to evaluate game history? 


Re: The Great Math Mystery
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2019, 01:42:47 PM »
okay, here is some fish food: What we know about the Bertrand is that the target is not important. Most players are trying to solve the riddles by looking at the table/wheel when in fact the core of the method relies on math. Go back to the beginning and work it out mathematically. When you understand that the target is important but doesn't make the method the sooner you will realise that math is the method.
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Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
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There is no math that will help player if he has his target wrong. Proper target is both : method and the way to become player. With proper target no need to be a player to win. Just flat bet proper target and win will realise.  Player starts where proper exploration of advantage offered by the target is considered. 


Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
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I keep repeating, and I am sorry for that, that the game  is mathematically unbeatable. For me it is a statistical game. Is like betting on events, like horse racing. But we need to be in the position of the bookers, not the bettor. One horse has to win, so who holds the game knows that has to pay someone. What he is hoping is that the total of the losing bets are more than the winning one. Bends the number in his favors, so the favorite pays less and the underdog pays more. It is a very delicate balance (and a balance that needs to be readjusted continuously, as new bettors comes to play).
  A number must come out. We decided where to bet. So many strategies, so many methods, but these 2 things are always true.
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Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
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A behavior i noticed either if you play for example any last events like say last 3-4 streets to repeat (it’s just an example) or if you generate random sequence lists with for the same purpose so lists of 3-4 random street the final outcome is the same. You will see big dispersions of equilibrium (it’s more the exception) and long gaps followed mainly by 2-3 wins in a row (or very close). This behavior lead me to work on parlaying but unfortunately it’s not very profitable long term using classic progression. The problem is the deviation can be very long and make it very difficult to exploit in some way. Maybe with an out of the box progression it could be exploited any way. The main issue with these methods is the fact the needed event can take very long to happen and force us to stay very long hours to recover; i just discovered recently that time can be real enemy to many systems even if they could be profitable in theory and on paper.

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mr j

Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
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Always a great subject. Personally speaking, I look at it like a circle or what came first, the chicken or the egg?
Meaning, better bets vs. non-better bets? (lol) This is where the CIRCLE thinking comes into play. I believe there are BETTER bets at certain situations *BUT* the HE does not change. If the HE edge does not change, how can there be better bets? Understand the CIRCLE? I think people LIE to themselves with this dilemma because it makes them feel better. Mike/Real are not here to correct you must be right(?)

I'll help you out, you are not. I have two great methods that win win win win and I'm actually growing bored from it. So, is that a HG? Heck no. Why not Ken? Will it pass 600 million spins? Nope.

I did a great thread at GG years ago. I took estimates of how long an average person would play at a B&M over his/her life time.

Right down to the number of spins until the day you die (lol). Dont laugh, it was just an average. That number is what you should be TESTING AGAINST !!!! Not 600 million spins. Anyways, if a person "cant beat this game" but does, what does that mean? Lying? Too lucky? Exaggerating? Not played at a B&M? Not enough total spins? ((if you played and won 11/11 times, calm the f**k down, it means nothing. Trust me))

Finally, as I have said and will say many more times. If it cannot be played at a B&M, under casino conditions, your RESULTS are meaningless !!!!!!
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Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
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We win as long as our wins pay more than our losses.  We are able to achieve this through math, statistics, common sense & discipline.  Profit in the bank is the best edge.

mr j

Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
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Dont know? Why dont I copy/paste your answer and post it at GF? The real math guys (not me or you) will give you the proper answer. A lot of you guys give clever riddles and as I just stated, I think its so you can FEEL BETTER about playing a negative expectation game.

Myself? I have accepted it. Most of you feel you have beat it. Thats the difference between me and you.
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Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
« Reply #9 on: January 13, 2019, 11:20:12 PM »
Sorry that seems cocky mr J, but I don't care what math guys could say to me. I am happy with the almost half a million I pocket in 2018.
  Yes, I do feel I beat the game. Will last my lifetime? I hope so, for now it is 6 years and keep counting, without loss.
But you know, are just words without proofs, right? If this helps you feel better about yourself...
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Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
« Reply #10 on: January 13, 2019, 11:26:25 PM »
If you just win win win win it means you consistently wins. Thats one of my dream. Getting bored of winning money from roulette. You had to be excellent feelings, especially if you have 2 of them. I am not envious, neither selfish. Congratulations to everybody who achieved that, it may be dream, and hard work. I wish I had similar concistently winning method in my hands, to show my family, to myself and to the world, that I worth something, and I achieved something, which 99% of members will never achieve. This is the main confirmation. Beating what everybody said unbeatable, and show them day by day that they had no right...

So many members says, that he achieved this. MickyP, mr j, petespin, DrTalos, Third, Rimsky, on the other forum 5 6 members too. Is this so easy guys? Talos did some hints to us, but we cant figure nothing from these. I am looser, or am I struggling and crying and am I envious? Neither of them, I just write my thoughts. Yes my dream is to achieve or get one consistently winning method, and just go to the casino play airball, or playing infront if notebook online live dealer and step up after 2 hours with +200 and going with example wife or children buying some thing. You know, because who claimed he has this, they exactly know, what I am talking about. The money makes easier the life. We will not feel that we are unneccessary in the life. Because I study in the universe s*** economy for I feel the nothing, fkr example a monthly 800 euro. Nothing more here, trust me. I then must pay bills, etc etc you know we must eat, drink, and what to save? A monthly 100-150 euro in short supply? Not a good future, but I know that I am in the top 30% in the world, and everybody from here, amd I am glad that to. My life amd your life could be easily harder, without example right leg. Just imagine.

I noticed, that members stopped sharing ideas. My RM Strategy was the last idea here, since there nothing. Its disappointed, everybody keeps their secret is your own. Somewhere they are right: why to share winning syste or ideas whit those whoes did nothing good to me? Yes sire. On the other hand, they are a little bit selfish. They achieved something, they claims via internet without any video proving. Okey. On the other hand, why they are not wanna help others to win? No, casinos will not change anything. Plus minus 200-2000 consistnently winning man doesnt change anything. I know people who have absolutily norhing whitout house, without phoney internet, they lives in the streets with one dog, but they share the food with the dog, or with one unknown people. Yes man. They are the main of humanity, selfless, and lovely people. They are sharing they little life and little things with people. In this place, on all the roulette forums, they are just very very few people to doing this. And its disappoint me. Look this place, 6 7 members has consistently winning strategy, from other forums 8 9 too. And absolutely nothing, nothing to share nobody. Expecially some hints, which just cant figure out nothing, or it would take a lifetime. Only Talos said a big amount of his Bertrand. Maybe they are fear , because when others will try it, it will fail? Possible.

So thats the difference. You can blaime me, hate me for this, I am not crying, and I am not envious because I dont have this. I am a honest man with big ambicious and heart. Thats why I will share if I achieve or get this with those, who wants this. I wanna help others. I wanna die so, that I know, I helped others to get their life up up to higher. I think this missing a little bit for me todays word, and from gambling forums. They always work only for them, not with us...they forgot we are in one team...we everybody together fighting against casinos.

Thanks, best regards for everyone

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mr j

Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
« Reply #11 on: January 13, 2019, 11:37:23 PM »
"But you know, are just words without proofs, right?" >> Correct.

mr j

Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
« Reply #12 on: January 13, 2019, 11:38:56 PM »
"Getting bored of winning money from roulette. You had to be excellent feelings" >> At first, yes. Now? I dont care (bored).

mr j

Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
« Reply #13 on: January 13, 2019, 11:51:01 PM »
When it comes to people handing out HINTS, please remember. (imo), 65% of those hints are not even from players doing well. 65% of those are bulls**t. Sorry, its my opinion. The other 35%? Most likely legit advice but the person does not feel like sharing, oh well. >> THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX << Its the only way !!
If your system is this >> bet on "X" after "Y" but only after the trigger. Your system won't work, sorry.


Re: The Gtrat Math Mystery
« Reply #14 on: January 14, 2019, 12:01:40 AM »
You getting bored winning thousands of units? How is it possible I would happy all the year.

Every methkd, sysstem, strategy based on betting x after y happened.
Y=past spins
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