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I met dr Talos
« on: January 11, 2019, 02:28:14 AM »
hello everybody. I write this thing because I think can be useful for all of you. I am not a system player, or someone close to that. I play for fun and I am happy with that. I do occasionally frequent a Casino nearby and most of the time I loose, sometimes I win, and every once in a while I meet interesting people. Somenthing like this last one has happen last week. I walked down the Casino and I sat in my automatic roulette, at seat number four because 4 is one my lucky numbers. Close to me there was a guy playing. Well, it was mostly on his phone, betting in a very peculiar mode I noticed, hitting or the repeat button or clicking few times the display. I found out later that he was reading a book on the phone! His behavior was really unusual, and moved my curiosity. I try to be accurate on this, because was really weird. Regularly, like every hour, he cashed out, pocketing the ticket and putting some cash in the machine. He barely watched which number came out every time, and keep his completely distracted way of playing. He never changed expressions and never took a free drink, or else. Just stood there and played quietly. The quietest player in the world.
  The next day I visited the Casino again, in the afternoon, and he was there, in the same seat, acting exactly like the day before. I said hello, and he smiled back and replied hello, very politely but keeping the distance. Now, I consider myself a good looking woman in my forties, and usually men at the casino take any chance they can get to start chatting with me. This was not the case, and that intrigued me even more. After some time, he printed out a ticket, and put new money in the machine. I did pay attention and were 5 100 dollar bills. Next time he cashed out was a little more than 900. Happens that I work in the administration office of a decent company, and I know how to do math, so I politely asked if he was winning. He smiled and said ‘I am even’. And that was a lie. A white and nice lie, but a lie nevertheless. That is even more uncommon. Men use to emphasize their winning to impress, or exaggerates loss to show how much money they can afford to lose, to move some compassion maybe or some amazement. Do you have a system? I asked. He just smiled. So I continued. I play my numbers, 29, 17, 6, 4 and certainly 0/00. He raised the eyes to the monitor and saw that my numbers were all in the cold side area. They should come now, don’t you think?. He said ‘Nobody can tell that for sure’. Then his phone start vibrate, and he answered in Italian. That was a big surprise, because I am Italian too, so after he hanged up I start talk to him in my language, and everything changed. I was finally able to break the shield that was around him. We chatted like old friends, he was able to play exactly as before, cashing out and restarting and what seemed to me the same pace. So I said ‘So you have a system’, He just smiled.
  We found out we went from the same region in Italy, we both divorced and remarried, raising a child almost the same age, and living in Central NY. I offered him to share a dinner with me, I do have plenty of comp points that I never used, but he said that he will be pleased to offer the dinner in a better place. I want to remark that there was no sexual innuendo or flirting intentions in mine or his offer. We wher just Italians in America, enjoying talking and share a part of our life. During the dinner, I was able the know a lot of things about him. First that he was able to get a living out of his system, that was used to play three days a week in a casino, but that he never goes in the same casino more than twice a year. And because of Christmas, he opted for one near his house. And at a certain point he talked about this forum. Was particularly bitter, almost sad about it. He said that there are good people in it, but so many annoying ones, and that pne day he find his name in another forum, and that he was called a gipsy scam, and was defined a liar, a conman, and that was enough. I think in some way he feels guilty for that, because he said some people tried to improved their game with his suggestion, but he had to.
  I asked why he do not just post his method, but after reading in these last days some of the forum posts I understand. Now, I want to let you know that the man I met is not only a perfect gentleman, but a very sharp mind with an extremely wide knowledge. Art, music, literature, history, philosophy. He is a wise man, a man that suffered a lot, that what my intuition says, but survived, and found a balance. He has all his pieces together, and has a very big hearth. I think has been badly attacked here for no reason, and I am sure I will be attacked as well. Does not matter. I will not frequent this forum a lot, I just wanted to give justice to Fil and let you know that I think he is sincere and honest in every bones of his body.
  I do know him, not really. I spent with him few hours, and shared a dinner, I talked to his wife at the phone, She is from Sicily like me. And he wanted for us to speak a little, just to cut any possible liaison at the roots. And you do not know me, so your way to see this is completely on your mind. These are just words, I hope in some way they can help.

mr j

Re: I met dr Talos
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Re: I met dr Talos
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Come on, mr. j
She was sitting between Jesus, and Elvis too. Lol
I would like to believe this is a sincere post by this woman, but with the recent cryptic approach that Reyth has taken by transforming himself into Third and not owning up to it, and the fact that he was going to be the direct witness to talos's ability to win, everything seems questionable at best.
Although I still believe the talos character is genuine, because there are many ways to play the game and profit.
Some grind it out slowly and some go for the bombs on playing few numbers with large chips.
The topic has become sketchy, but I think it is no fault of talos himself.
I smell a money making system for sale in the making, all you need to do is follow the breadcrumbs.


Re: I met dr Talos
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Frank Sinatra saved my life once on the Vegas strip. He was playing roulette and I sat next to him and started chatting. I must have bugged him with my questions and conversation for at least an hour. When he got up and left I felt we were good buddies.

Anyway on leaving the casino I go to get in my car in the car park when these four thugs set upon me and started beating the living daylights out of me. They beat the sh*t out of me for about 5 minutes then Frank Sinatra appeared out of nowhere and calls out to these thugs, "Hey fellas, that's enough"...

Thank god for Frank, saved my life he did.  :o


Re: I met dr Talos
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Redsonia, you have a compelling story but I think you  just took what could have been a  good memory and  fed it to the pigs. The replies to your post will become that memory..
I like DrTalos and you describe him rather well so thank you for sharing but as I said you have ruined a good memory for yourself.

mr j

Re: I met dr Talos
« Reply #5 on: January 11, 2019, 05:33:03 AM »
If someone has been a member for years and has around 500 posts, I might believe 15% of what is posted.

A one post individual? Nope, sorry.



Re: I met dr Talos
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You talk like as if u know talos for years. You certainly know as much as we do about him (took years in this forum) in just one setting.

And who would introduce a woman which he befriends in a casino to his wife?


Re: I met dr Talos
« Reply #7 on: January 11, 2019, 12:37:24 PM »
That's a scam for 100% sure, i know quite all the posts of MrTalos here by reading them tons of times and this thread is a condensated/copy/paste of all info we can find easily in all the DrTalos posts. I don't really know why it's coming now but what's happening here is becoming a total joke.
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mr j

Re: I met dr Talos
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The direction this was heading into......the next would claim that he showed her the winning ways of roulette. Next phase, PM her (or him) and lets talk about a price.


Re: I met dr Talos
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lol u sound like a seasoned scammer
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Re: I met dr Talos
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This is so hilarious I couln't resist. Whoever did that is great.
  If his or her purpose was to get me out of my silence, it worked.
  Well, as you easily understand, this has never happen. The description of myself is quite flattering, but inaccurate unfortunately.
  Just to settle a couple of things, especially to mr J that he has an habit to not get this clear, my system is not for sale, now or never. And to Jerome, if I answer to your question, I give you my system, and I do not plan to.
If you can't solve the riddle doesn't seems the riddle is fake.
  I do not understand quantum physics, means it is a scam?

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Re: I met dr Talos
« Reply #11 on: January 11, 2019, 04:26:13 PM »
It was a good story indeed DrTalos and I was curious to see where it led. Anyway the truth is out; no harm no foul.


Re: I met dr Talos
« Reply #12 on: January 11, 2019, 05:53:49 PM »
I hope to see more of DrTalos' posts in the near future. It's good he broke the silence and cleared some doubt.


Re: I met dr Talos
« Reply #13 on: January 11, 2019, 06:12:47 PM »
In few days ago I went to his profile, and saw that he was last active at June. And now just appears like a silent in silent hill when this thread opened.


Re: I met dr Talos
« Reply #14 on: January 11, 2019, 07:08:52 PM »
There is no need for me to posts, because the only things I can write will be just repeating what I already did: not for sale, need to think originally about progression and money management, and so on and so forth.
  By the way, I can read posts without logging in, you know right?
  Some people are still working on my hints, and this make me proud and happy, because was my purpose all along.
  And there are the naggers, those whom no matter the subject, will come and say: it's a scam, I know the truth, my decades of experience... Even if we create a thread just for studying Bertrand they will be there. Maybe they go in churches and synagogues shouting that they are adoring a myth, and that they found the real God, they just have to learn three, at worst four prays...
  I already get offers of thousands of dollar to reveal my system, here, in this forum. They will say because you don't have an HG. But, is not that the meaning of a scam? Selling bricks in a box instead of the new superphone?

Just a little more thing: there is no physical description in the story above: height, hair color, or something. Just a bunch of adjectives. Can't be real.
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