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What I admire about Ken (Mr J).
« on: December 30, 2018, 12:41:05 PM »

The 12 minute video above is a speech presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger and he mentions many things that roulette players can galvanize to improve their game.

What made me think of Ken is that he has No Plan B; it's all or nothing with him. He continues learning but only pays attention to what will help improve his Plan A.

I see how players scrambler to understand every new method posted on the forum and as Ken has stated, "it's funny to witness the frenzy."

Thank you Ken, for your stubbornness and your wit of which your message may not have been noticed.

Much success for 2019 Ken.
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Re: What I admire about Ken (Mr J).
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Good one by Arnold. Thanks for post.

I understand about having no plan B, but how about stop loss for any method?. Is it recommended to have a stop loss?

I always read Ken‘s comments with positive frame of mind, although at times he gives cryptic replies with harsh criticism. Some people may view it as aggressive. Point is that we are here to learn so better to take only the things that count.

It would be even better if he talks/gives some clues about his new methods, we are fine if he doesn’t share the working method but as an experienced guy who played game several years, he can help rookies in the forum to learn faster thereby minimizing losses eventually.

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Re: What I admire about Ken (Mr J).
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Thanks for your post Solaris but I think you miss the point of the thread. It is in no way designed to soften Ken into sharing his method. I respect his Not Sharing view.

True, take only what might help your approach to the game. Strengthen your A game but don't go chasing rainbows. Master one approach and through a process of elimination you get rid of the dead wood. The majority of players grab onto every newly posted method and hope to be given the complete blueprint so they can just go out and win. Like Arnold says, you have to plan your day (time) and work hard. You have to accept failure and learn from it.

Success is so much sweeter when you do it yourself.

Please lets not make this a "please share" thread.
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Re: What I admire about Ken (Mr J).
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I got the point of the topic. Thanks.

Regarding achieving success with one‘s own method, there is an alternate view- why to
Reinvent the wheel.

My intention was not to ask Ken via this topic to share his methods. My comment was aimed at your admiration for Ken.



Re: What I admire about Ken (Mr J).
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hahaha.... I think I appreciate his comments more than admire him as a person.

You say Ken could help the rookies learn faster and lose less. That sounds like asking to me.

If the "rookies are serious about the game then they would study forum topics relevant to their current approach to the game and as they develop they will open up more threads.
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