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The Devil´s Game
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It is said that in 1655,  during a rainy night with lightning and thunder outside his large mansion in Rouen, France, a mathematical genius named Blaise Pascal worked obsessively trying to invent a perpetual mobile. A "machine" of perpetual motion with the purpose of producing more energy than it used, by spinning indefinitely. It was an ambitious task and that very night he stumbled over what he called the "little wheel", or roulette, which is the French word.

At the time, what he created was  not nailed down as a device that can stay perpetually in motion — nor did he necessarily intend for his device to be a gambling tool, but to be sure he laid the ground for the Blanc brothers, Francois & Louis, French entrepreneurs and operators of the famous Bad Homburg casino.  In 1842, the brothers had added a zero to Pascal’s wheel including arranging the number sequence on the wheel in the current order we have today on all Single Zero wheels.

Legend has it that Francois and his brother Louis conjured forth the Devil and asked him why the specific number selection added up to 666 upon which the Prince of Darkness created a ring of fire through which the brothers could behold a vision. A vision where they could see all future souls mesmerized and bound to this wheel by this number for all time, thus fulfilling Blaise Pascal highest desire to invent the Wheel of Perpetual motion, but not in the way he had imagined.

About 20 years later, a very shrewd and business gifted Princess, named Caroline Grimaldi, managed to persuade Francois and Louis to move to Monaco. At first, the Blanc brothers, who had become immensely rich,  refused,  but Caroline who had come to know Francois wife at the Bad Homburg Casino, convinced her that Monaco's mild climate would be good for her ill health.

Louis & Francois took over the Casino business of Monaco in 1863 with a 50-year concession and had a Grand Opening a year later. The Casino served to make the game of roulette famous, attracting gamblers from all parts of the world willing to test their luck at the table,  where the Devils game resided royally in perpetual motion.
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"This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man´s number. His number is 666" (Revelation 13:18).

18 numbers in the French Wheel (counting from Zero) give us the sum 333.
Of course the rest of the numbers also give us 333.
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"thus fulfilling Blaise Pascal highest desire to invent the Wheel of Perpetual motion, but not in the way he had imagined."

It's funny.  While I pondered the question I was thinking...  If it was determined I'd live for 100 years,  I'd be willing to go in with a bankroll of 20 years.  The idea of being geriatric for 2 decades doesn't sit well with me.  Then the irony set in.  What would happen if I actually won?  20 years at 35:1  The win would be the loss. 

Not quite what I'd imagined