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I knew a guy once...
« on: March 26, 2015, 11:17:18 PM »
I knew a guy once who had a substance abuse problem that was only exceeded by his gambling addiction problem.

For years he lived a vicious cycle of spending all his money in advance on drugs and gambling.
He always spent his pay packet before he even got it and lived on credit, and debt.

One day he had about $50 in his pocket to last a whole week. He went to his drug dealer’s house to buy some amphetamines but the dealer wasn’t home. He called his dealer who said he’d be home in about half an hour and to wait in the pub around the corner.

So he went to the pub and bought a beer, saw the poker machines and sat at one. Twenty minutes later he walked out of the pub penniless. He had lost his $50 drug money on the pokies while waiting to score.

He went home without meeting with the drug dealer, and we found him the next morning hanging from a tree in his backyard.

That guy was my baby brother.

Not a happy story, sorry.

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Re: I knew a guy once...
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Re: I knew a guy once...
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That guy was my baby brother.

Not a happy story, sorry.

Thanks for sharing this Trilobite. I am very sorry to hear about your brother. Suicide has touched my family too so I can partially empathize with you. It was a close nephew in my family who suffered from Bipolar disease and eventually ended his life in despair, no matter what anyone in his family had tried to help him.

In so many ways the gambling addiction touches those who have a tendency toward addictive behavior. In your brother's case the double addiction made it far worse. It runs in my family too, and I am well aware of its dangers. It is good to share both happy and unhappy experiences on this forum (I think) and help people to consider life in its many complexities. Thanks again for your candor.


Re: I knew a guy once...
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Hey ResinRat2,
Thanks for your insightful comments. Suicide as a result of mental illness is a very complex matter, and too many individuals continue to slip through the net.
That said, those truly determined to do it will do it no matter what help or intervention they receive along the way, which is something to consider when family and friends feel the inevitable guilt these traumatic events cause.
Let’s just say we all learn the hard way when touched by suicide.