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Humans dont want to live under rules, from when life excisted it wad like that, the majority of humans dont believe that GOD create tne whole universe, but itself!!!?? Humans like to live in disorder, humans belive that is acceptable for a man to marry anotner man ,and same for womens too, humans set the money over anything else a d only when getting a serilous disaese ,then find out that money are usrless, humans they do used to kill each other ,sometimes even in the name og GOD  , humans are violent creatures and have no mercy , Now weep out all those imperfections , and u ll see for sure a dfcerentt world , but this is utopia, humans go to the completely disaster , for tne simple reason they dont lile to use their minds for good , sadly this world  will never change , but will getting worst and worst.


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That's a pessimistic generalised assumption that all are because of some.

There is a constant fight between good and evil. Because this fight is ongoing means that good exists as does evil.

Was Hitler good or evil?
The answer depends on how accurate history has been written. A big black mark against Hitler is the Holocaust but did it actually happen as history dictates? Six million Jews were apparently exterminated. The number six million appears around the world war one period and is printed in many newspapers leading up to WWII.
History is written by the victors.

I am not saying the Holocaust didn't happen but I question the accuracy of records.
War is bad no matter how you look at it.




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   Humans are what they are because of all the standards our society have place on us from the instant we were born. we think we are so smart and yet so many of us,95% so unhappy.
we can fly to the moon but we cant even get along. we constantly want to be right more then to love one another.
in so much need for significance we fail to see the true meaning of what it means to be significant, and therefore buy into the "look at me syndrome". look at what I have, what I can do, how good I look,ect.....
I dont sound pessimistic when it comes to the future of our human race and I dont as far as this world is concern.
we will self-destroy because it is our nature to do so.
I love nature and its magnificent beauty and it saddens me to see that many just piss-it away and disrespect it.
some of us have been born of the spirit, I dont tell you what you should believe in , but even if you just believe in Mother nature, the Big bang,ect.... you know allready that some of us are better humans then others in terms of not letting their flesh and Ego purely running their decisions and lives.
notice I did not said superior people, just that they have a better outlook of what reality is.
I said this to said that; I dont know what some of us have gone through that could possibly make Monsters out of us. but others made a conscious choice to be in the dark side and take their pleasures from it.
I often think that in some strange ways, playing a game of roulette can be the ultimate test of our characters, our values and life flashing in micro- minutes as we play. the just Judge that will punish us from being greedy in wanting too much. we want to conquer the whole cake at once!  and wanted now!  not enough that we could even remotely beat a unbeatable game and get paid while we are doing it, but we want the 100/200$  per hour Job given to us on a silver platter by doing nothing.
while others struggle to make 8.00$ a hour having to work 40/60 hours a week!.
that is one major reason why many lose their bankroll. total unrealistic goals!
yes as we master our crafts we should get better paid.
so us Human have major Mental challenges in life, yes, and it reflect itself in that stupid little game.(dont mean any disrespect please).
so as better Human being we become, not human doing, the better the game we will have. at that point it may not even be roulette we would be playing, but just the game of life, making wiser choices.
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Micky p iam sorry but ylur example with Hitler is out of target , becoz of him 100,000,000 people dief , he was paranoid, no sane man could act that way , and oam not generalized , but the vast majority follow this logic


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Cant u aee all people have facebook profile , if u dont have u re out of fashion , do u like that?


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Rinad, you said it beautifully and I clap your post.


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Pete, I don't have a Facebook profile and being out of fashion doesn't bother me.

My example with Hitler is a human one. Think about his psychological profile before you shut it down to be politically correct.
Hitler lived the humiliating defeat of Germany in WWI and Germany was totally reduced to a bankrupt state without friends. He lived for his people and from 1933 to 1939 he turned Germany into a world power. He gave the German people their dignity back and reason to move forward.
Yes, he caused much death and the second crumbling of Germany but as a nation they rose up once more. Was everything he did evil? No.
In the link I posted the 6 000 000 Jews story begins at the turn of the century.  Russia was accused of persecuting the six million Jews until Germany became the new enemy.
Do you not think it was planned to get world sympathy so they could create a Jewish state in Arab land?
The Jews accused all Christians for the "Holocaust", playing the guilt game so they could get what they wanted. All involved nations lost lives, not just Jewish lives.
Deception is wrong.
My father fought in WWII; 5 years 264 days of active war service against the Germans. In all the stories that he shared with me he did not once mention that he hated the German people. He was a prisoner of war seven times and he escaped every time. He could speak fluent Italian, German,  French and could communicate in a few other as a result of the war.
I may be alone in my opinion but I refuse to believe things just because the masses bought into it.
Does it bother me? No, because I believe I understand why things happened the way that they did. I can not change the past.

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you arent you. humans arent humans. animals arent animals. these are the singular terms we as `humans` give to describe and generate a picture within other humans minds to communicate and transfer information. YOU are not YOU. YOU are trillions of cells working in unison.
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If you would aquire a status of " every sell working in unison"..  and your own brain actually start to be a boss in your body, nothing would be imposible...
   It's a dream lm fighting to achieve all my life, so wird to read about it as a fact on a public forum.
   There were few films like Lucy , for example.... just to give an idea of such achievment