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If roulette was your only option...
« on: April 07, 2018, 07:38:41 AM »
If roulette was your only option...

This thread is simply to hear with a degree of honesty if you had to rely on roulette to survive, would you with your current experience be able to maintain or improve your lifestyle?

I know one thing for sure. The way you play today will change. Your mindset will change and maybe the focus on your game will improve. Your budget will be worked out according to how much you can comfortably win in a day with a percentage straight to savings to bolster your working bankroll.


Re: If roulette was your only option...
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Thats what I aim, or, at least, win a good amount to pay my billings and save part of it.

My main problem is lack of time, and sometimes, I confess, lack of patience too (which I now by myself its very important).

I think that at the beggining we should not change anything in our lifesryle, until make good savings, and being very very confortable with our game plan.

Gaming cycle must be within the game itself:
So, gaming funds should be from gaming winnings.

I would love to achieve such thing. (Not (only) living from roulette, but live from its money)
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Re: If roulette was your only option...
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"and maybe the focus on your game will improve" >> Two points.

A) As I have already said......around every 12-18 months, your game *MUST* improve. You cannot stay idle, you cannot SETTLE for...."Hey, I guess I'm doing alright".

Screw that. Look at your imperfections and CORRECT them. If they are not correctable, change which approach you use for the game.
I went through over 65 versions of "hot numbers" before I got to this point now. Most people? Will test maybe 7 versions (out of laziness) and say..."Its not too bad, I'll stick with this one". (not me)

B) Roulette is my only source of income...perfection...or nothing.

(“Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.")

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Re: If roulette was your only option...
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  this a a good topic i think.
 because it forces you to "tap'inside your "A"game.
it is like asking, excuse the silly example, "how would your game be played if the life of a loved one depended on it?

I can tell you for sure that most players would give it everything they have coming at the table. the complete feature of all the brain cells would be fully loaded and awakened, having all the "knowings" they have learned from their involvement in the game.
when our backs are against the wall I found it amazing what the human spirit is able to withdraw from his self. we see it in sport all the time when the 4th quarter of a football is getting to end at a superball how players are able to overcome the other team.
we are the greatest tool and strategy in our game. we have inside of us the Hg we always seek outside of us.
how better our game would be if we were to treat each game as "the game", and not just another session ?
I always will remember this poker player I spoke with years ago, one that I saw in action only once but very impressed by .  he said ; I go to vegas only once a year and play live once a year. i take 20k, win or lose and go for it. that is the way I like to play that way because i view it as going to the olympics and can prepare better that way then if i was going to play every single day ,feeling good sometime, sometime tired,ect....
even know I personally dont play that way, I can see the tremendous benefit of bringing my A game everytime i play.
looking back I only see times that I took big losses attributed to nothing else but my own lack of discipline, being tired, or too emotional, or plain stupind and ignorant of the game itself.  or not taking "loss for a answer".
today I am a much better player mostly because I have found out that there are no substitute for experience in a real live game. that I can win in practice all the time but when "real money"comes to play it becomes much more then just rules of the game and following this or that. sometime those things are hard to explain in writting and dont make much sens to the logic part of our thinking.
thoughts are happening in our heads that just dont come up in practice. thoughts that involve "time and money". we can be played for hours live, said for 4 hours, being up 800 $, then suddenly you enter a big bad streak and you are pondering either you should move up in your bets or just not even go there. so you look at your watch and see you have been earning well over 100 $ per hour in the last 20 hours you been playing. well at that point you could easily decide not to enter or continue to play your progression and just not taking the bait of additional risk. that in itself can save you a bank.  limiting risk to me is of tremendous value and I know in practice most of us would take the extra risk, because after ,it is not "real money, and we want to see how far the system can hold itself solid. I know I am getting off the subject here but I just had to said this because of the difference between real play and "home play".
just things that have to be considered if roulette was our only option to earn a living. some are doing it and yes it can be done. and we would have to bring the best of the best at the table every single time.
would that improve our game? you bet you.
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Re: If roulette was your only option...
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I enjoyed reading your post so much Rinad. I just didn't want it to end; very inspiring indeed. Thanks.