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Customisable Progression Calculator
« on: March 05, 2018, 03:56:46 PM »
While browsing another forum I came across a spreadsheet that attempted to calculate progression for different bets, allowing you to enter the number of bets on each selection. It was limited to 37 numbers, which for my purpose (betting on single numbers) was too limiting, so I modified it and want to share it as I am sure others will find it useful.

In cell A1 choose the type of bet you are intersested in and in cell E1 enter the minimum profit. In column B enter the number of bets you will be placing (you cannot enter a number higher than the odds for the type of bet). Column C will tell you the number of units you need to bet to obtain your minimum profit. Try it and experiment, it certainly opened some ideas for me.


Thanks Iain
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Re: Customisable Progression Calculator
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I chosed the doz/column, and the minimum bet, but in column B I cant write anything. If the minimum bet is 1, the calculation in column G showa 3, if I wrote 5, shows too 3. In column C :1 is always. In long yellow, and green column does not show anything, it is empty. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Anyway thanks for another excellent spreadsheet work!


Re: Customisable Progression Calculator
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2018, 12:09:44 AM »
Hi Giajjenno,

I have tested the spreadsheet and it works as expected. I never protected it, so it is possible you have overwritten a cell that contains a formula. When you choose different options in cell A1 does the value in B1 change? It should reflect the odds for your selection. I suggest downloading it again and be sure to only enter values in the yellow shaded cells.

There isn't anywhere to enter a minimum bet. Cell E1 is the minimum desired profit. If you select Doz/Col and the minimum profit is set to 5 then the units to bet should be 3, 3 @ 2:1 = 6 units profit.

Just to explain more clearly I will tell you what each column means:

Cell A1 is the type of bet and cell B1 is the odds for that bet. Cell E1 is the minimum profit, not the minimum bet.

Starting at row 4, column A is the stage of progression.

Column B is the number of bets you have on the specified bet type and you will get an error if you try and enter a higher number than the odds. You must enter a value so the units to stake can be calculated. For example for Doz/Col you can enter 1 or 2, you will get an error if you enter 3 or above as you couldn't bet on 3 columns/dozens and get profit.

Column C is the amount of units to bet on each selection.

Column D is the actual profit taking into account all previous losses.

Column E is the actual number of units you will win if the selection is successful.

Column F is your total stake on the bet.

Column G is the running total of all bets placed.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Iain
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Re: Customisable Progression Calculator
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Thanks! :D