Author Topic: How to exploit 0.8% cashback advantage for every trade i place on LIVE casino?  (Read 869 times)

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I have been reading this forum for weeks, seeking for system that i want to use on a betting website which give me 0.8% cashback every trade placed.
Cashback is paid twice a week directly to my bank account.
There is no limit or any terms condition of this cashback, I earn this privilege just because my friend is the website owner, and he is winning A LOT, and have recruit some agent to find players for the website, which is me as one of the agent.
0.8% isn't that much, but if i trade two side using two acc's, I gain 1.6% every trade i placed :)

I need advice which is the greatest method or betting progression to exploit this advantage? I know that 0.8% is still not beating the roulette house edge
But, i can use flat betting using two account (different IP, different agent account, betting same table)

The game list:
LIVE BACCARAT (5% commission on banker), LIVE BLACKJACK, LIVE ROULETTE (single zero), and LIVE SICBO

One method that i think will work is betting two side of EC on roulette table, but i still not figuring out how to handle ZERO's safely

This method below is now the best strategy that i have, but i still haven't try it.
1.flat bet roulette on two accounts (lets say 1 unit black and 1 unit red on two acc's)
2. if zero has occured (those two acc's being minus 1 unit),
3. then i will repeat the flat bet (B and R on the two acc's), one of the account will gain the -1 unit from the ZERO's
4. I just need to use the safest way to gain back the -2 unit on the second acc's
5. I am thinking about using LABBY method i read from BELGIAN somewhere from internet.

Please give me any suggestion for exploiting this cashback feature. Since i gain 1.6% per trade, i still need to place the bet about $100 per trade (1.6$ per round, about 3 minutes) so i earn about $32 per hour

My deposit limit per account is about $5000 per account. so if i trade using $100 unit, I only have 50 unit maximum wagered


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If you were to play BlackJack using perfect basic strategy then the house advantage would be 0.26%

However the 0.26% house edge assumes the most liberal of house rules including rarely seen rules such as the dealer standing on soft 17 and late surrender.

To determine the exact house edge in the game you're playing visit the Wizard of Odds' Blackjack House Edge Calculator.
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do you think i will need so much time for playing live blackjack to gain money for me with only about 0.2 - 0.3 advantage?
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I never play BlackJack so for more detailed answers you're probably better off speaking to someone at a specialist BlackJack forum.

I only mentioned BlackJack because it has the lowest possible house advantage on any casino game when played properly so it would seem logical to focus on that.

If you can get me a 0.80% cashback deal too then I will put some serious thought into how to use it for roulette.

I would need to know more about the website and what type of Roulette games were on offer. I would probably use a bot if possible so that I could play 24 hours a day without having to be stuck in front of a computer.



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I am sorry that there is no way i can give you the access, unless you deposit directly me via personal. So i will consider this as an impossible to create account for other than my nation people

The roulette has single zero
it has about 60 secs for placing bet, so i think its about 2.5 minutes per turn