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« on: January 21, 2018, 11:26:08 PM »
After watching for a while, I could see that the scruffy looking guy at the table was actually an AP with some ability.
His confident wager of chips looked haphazard on the layout, but corresponded with an adjacent number sector, that was obviously pre-determined.
That was how I would have liked to play, if I was in his shoes.
The demeanor he exuded did not invite social interaction, but he was not there for that.
Then I saw him make a wager I recognised well.
The number 34 appeared at the top of the carousel, and, although he did not win on that spin, his next outlay was still just as confident.
He "hit" the 0 sector hard, focussing on 26, 0, 32 and 15 more heavily than the 7-28-12 side of the sector.
The ball-spin direction was COW, against the CW direction of the rotor.
The result?
Almost unerringly, Zero!
He collected and then "Pressed" the same wager.
CW spin to next result, 15!
His expression did not change, but he quietly "Pressed" the same target to a higher level!
The next result seemed inevitable to him, but amazing to his audience.
CW ball-spin, result a seemingly foregone conclusion, 15 again!
(He was playing €5 chip value, that tables min).
By this stage appeared to be about €1400 up!
Still (outwardly) calm, his next wager was a furthe "Press" on the same target, 15 hit AGAIN!
The result on that coup alone, equalled his previous three returns, so it was not unsurprising to see him cash out and retire from that game.
Ironically, the "demon that gnaws" saluted his departure by taunting his decision to quit.
The next few numbers thrown, were 3, 12 and 32, but to no effect, "Mr Scruffy" was long gone.

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Re: JustAnotherDay
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An encouraging story. I think we all wish we could play that way. You need the skill and balls of steel.
By letting his bet ride, do you think he was relying on spin history or dealer signature. If he was AP then it could possibly be dealer signature.


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Re: JustAnotherDay
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If he had an edge, then why didn't he play longer?


Re: JustAnotherDay
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2018, 12:23:24 AM »
I would think that a significant part of any (real or imagined) "edge", would include the players option to walk away at a time of his choosing.
Countering that, how would you have played it?
I personally prefer "sector shooting" such as this, and I usually quit after one loss appears, however, this observed "playbook" was an upward multiplying return, that Mr S  quit before the end of the sequence.
Cashing out on top of the wave is way better than expecting it to last for some indeterminate length of time.
-And, by cashing out, he no longer had any "skin" in the game, so any subsequent result only effected the mindsets of the onlookers.
The most remarkable observation that I could make about this play, was that the "perfect" conditions for his success, coincided (with the play and wager he preferred) to happen at the location, time and table he  was at.