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Which better to verify the following options Roulette system strategy method functionality best if you win one same wheel 16 sessions straight without none of loss sessions or that you win 16 different wheels in every single one  you play one time  wheel once you win one time hit run you move another one do same thing pick one win .etc  until you have won 16 different live roulettes wheels


I don't think it matters where you win unless you are playing with AP methods.

I have collected Evolution Gaming 16 different live roulettes in every table 100 spins I suppose that if I manage to win in every different 16 live roulette so I assume that I have a good method used to win in every 16 live roulette teke difficult to it that all the live roulette wheel is not the same manufacturer, and that part of the live roulettes spin the ball and the wheel in the same direction all the time and do not spin  clockwise anticlockwise as usually

My method is based on past spins results I'll end up tracked about 18-50 spins all based by stats .etc for some reason why all wheels do not behave the same way ie in some wheel wheel my method works well and with some wheel the game my way does not work at all if you win even if ten of your session without loss with your method  is pretty good

I have managed to win 11 straight times without loss in 11 different playing live roulette live roulettes which I took just one victory every 11 different live roulette table and moved on to the next live roulette table until I had won a total of in 11 different live roulette tables but I have failed to win in the same live roulette table straight 11 times without losing, or does it mean that in every different live roulette wheel there is a greater chance of winning a so-called hit and run than playing so long at the same table that you win 11 times straight times without losses

Or is there a question about the house edge that reaches the players when playing more spins at the same table than just one win hit then move playing another live Roulette table catch just one win .etc Evolutions Gaming live roulettes this is possible because live roulette is offered to play so many different tables
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Hmmm...pretty sure the answer is three.

Yes it's three.



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