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One to avoid
« on: January 14, 2018, 12:12:20 PM »
I've done a bit of research. I can't post the external link of the site I copied it from, so if anyone wants the link, they will probably have to message me. It is not my opinion, just what I found in the public domain.

Dose not have a paypal merchant account ? Will only do wire transfers ??? This enables him to possibly send any system or refund . His money back guarantee is you have to try his system and he decides if your just being too lazy to understand it ? ( his words in the email he sent me ) This is why he will only do a wire transfer...that way you have no way of getting a refund ! Buyer beware !

                         Comment by Tabatha on 20/08/2016                                                              |                                                                          
COMPLETE AND UTTER SCAM! RoulettePhysics com is a scam run by convicted scammer Steve Hourmouzis. He makes you sign a confidentiality agreement so you can't tell others about your bad experience. He makes you pay by Bank Transfer so you can't get a refund.  He creates fake review sites to tout his own bogus roulette systems and computers so that they "seem" legitimate. He owns all the roulette forums so that he can control the public narrative about his bogus roulette systems and computers.  Do not give Steve Hourmouzis or RoulettePhysics com ANY money or you will NEVER get it back.

                         Comment by RD on 26/04/2017                                                              |                                                                                                  
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Re: One to avoid
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2018, 06:14:33 PM »
I'm sure most people here already know about Steve. For me his prices and the lack of a proper guarantee put me right off even before I read all the stuff out there about him. I think he sells one roulette computer for $80,000! If you have that sort of money to part with you don't need to become a regular winner at roulette anyway.


Re: One to avoid
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2018, 06:33:13 PM »
Thank you Sam. Though a lot of people probably still fall for it, or he would be out of business. He is very pleasant and charming on the forums he owns and where he plugs his roulette computers but in reality, he is a snake. I challenged him on the validity of his computers and he became quite abusive. According to material I've found online, he was jailed for fraud and a few years ago, was investigated by the FBI, all of which he of course denies.

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Re: One to avoid
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2018, 04:04:03 AM »
At the prices he charges he only needs one sucker a year to make a very nice income.

I am an atheist  but Kav has done us a great favour by making this site as Steve bought all the other main roulette forums to promote his computers.

Sometimes it can be hard to know who to believe online but if anyone has any doubts I would urge you all to visit this site  stevenhourmouzis .com

There you will find 100% irrefutable proof of what kind of person Mr Hourmouzis is.

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Re: One to avoid
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2018, 11:00:13 PM »
This original poster of this thread is someone who I told I didn't want his money or to deal with him. He was very immature and presumably young. So he vowed to "destroy" me on forums and with his website. I know who it is because of his exact wording and timing.

1. People like this have no interest in truth, or integrity. It's just vendetta and they use any shred of information to help them. They wont tell you what this post does. Then there are people who blindly refer to links with "negative" information about me, despite the material being blatantly manipulative and materially false.

2. Nobody smart enough to have money is dumb enough to believe the first thing they read. Just about everyone who's interested in my computers, and serious about them, does proper research. They find the junk about me. But when they properly research, they find the truth. Which is that I'm honest.

3. You might be aware, some people don't like me. For petty reasons like banning them from forums, or simply being a threat to their income.

What they don't understand is:

a. Some people are steered away from me because of the junk information. It's not a problem. I'm sincerely happy to not work with ignorant people.

b. The more serious players, with brains and money, often first hear about me via rants from clowns trying to discredit me (just like this thread ). These more serious players do proper research, and their conclusions are in my favor.

I'm not interested in what a few people might think of me, from rubbish they've read. But for any serious people interested in my technology, here's how you can easily find the truth:

Firstly, I responded to most of the rubbish at genuinewinnerroulettesystem com - but most serious players only care about the effectiveness of my computers. For this, you have the below options:

How to know if my roulette computers are as I claim:
1. See the independent public test results
Everyone was fed up with the hype about whether or not my computers were a scam. So I asked forum members to choose a well-known and respected forum member, so I can send them a free computer to test. Then they can tell everyone what the truth is. You can read the results for yourself at genuinewinnerroulettesystem com/#ronjo

2. See a personal demo in person or via live webcam, on any wheel you want

As per my website: See a demo on any wheel you want either in person or via live webcam.Bring your own wheels to demonstrations, or hire one from a local supplier: we welcome the opportunity to test on any wheel.See a demo on a 2017 model John Huxley wheel (often called a “Saturn” wheel), with a bouncy ivorine ball: This one of the most common wheels in the World. It has an 8/10 difficulty rating, and we can dismantle it for you to inspect and ensure it hasn’t been modified.

See a demonstration at ONLINE casinos: You can also see a demo with an online casinos, although keep in mind most online casinos don’t allow bets after ball release. You can still see early and accurate predictions, so you know that the computers beat wheels I don’t own.

Bring video recordings of a wheel: You can purchase video recordings of spins, or even record spins from online casinos. You should have at least 200 spins, and the video must be relatively smooth (consistent frame rate of at least 15 frames per second).

You can even aim your webcam at a wheel in your home and hear the predictions from my computers.

3. See a recording of a public demo

Once in a while I conduct public group demos that anyone can attend. I do private demos for serious players, but the public demos are more for anyone to see for any reason. Mainly I do them as an honest and open way to refute the garbage written about me. You can see a recording of one such public demo is below:

youtube com/watch?v=dYUc3gGctNk

4. Test a basic version of my computers free online

See roulette-computers com/free-trial/ which is a live online roulette computer you can test from home. You can request testing on any wheel or video you want. The algorithm used by this computer is equivalent to my lite version computer. The purpose of this free computer is more so people can get a basic feel for what computers do, although it's only a basic version. Serious players should see demos of my more sophisticated computers which get much earlier and more accurate predictions.

For the more expensive computers, serious players can even watch live sessions of my players winning in real casinos. With the Hybrid version computer, the video gets streamed live to the server and anyone can watch with permission from myself and the players. If you think I'm joking and cant really do this, you know nothing. I can also show recordings of real sessions, although live sessions offer more solid proof than recordings.

I can only do all this because the truth is on my side. There is no reasonable proof left for me to provide.

You've probably read some "bad" things about me and already made up your mind. Many people follow blindly, without thinking for themselves. That's fine, but if you are interested in the truth, it's not hard to find.

Of course now that I've highlighted simple ways for anyone to know the truth, it might not suit some people's agenda. So they may spam more nonsense that at first glance looks bad for me. But upon deeper investigation you'll find it's just untrue and manipulative nonsense. I don't have time to play stupid games. Anyone with a brain can do their own research and figure it out. But if you want to know about all the twisted rubbish, read the whole site at genuinewinnerroulettesystem. You have to wonder WHY some people desperately twist every scrap, instead of focusing on things like my public demos and free trials. Maybe the truth doesn't help them?

Despite what you may have read, I'm not wanted by the FBI, I did not get convicted for "scamming" (In fact I made people profit), I'm not broke and living with my parents next to a homeless hostel etc etc. Truth is I'm independently wealthy, honest, and only have conviction because I correctly said a stock price would increase - I never scammed anyone. And I do not need sales of anything to be comfortable. My motive in this case is simply explain the truth, which is that I'm an honest person, and my claims are accurate. It is just a fact of life that deplorable characters try to harm people they don't like. Integrity is never their consideration.

Anyone who wants to re-post nonsense about me should do better research first. Unless they don't mind misleading more people.

But for those who don't have time to read the nitty gritty, and prefer focusing on what matters, take the above options. Then all the manipulative vindictive nonsense written about me counts for nothing.
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Re: One to avoid
« Reply #5 on: February 05, 2018, 11:07:31 PM »
We are locking this topic, after we gave Steve the opportunity to reply.
I would like to not make any further comments and stay out from this type of debate.
Everyone is old enough to make his own conclusions and decisions.