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Attacking random!
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:02:32 PM »
What do you all think of this idea? To try and get the edge over the randomness of the wheel, we can avoid even chance streaks going against us by moving our bet around, and we select which EC we are going for with the roll of a dice.

1 - low
2 - odd
3 - red
4 - black
5 - even
6 - high

If we lose the spin, we double up on the next bet. In using the dice, we eliminate human fallacy for example 'that hasn't spun for ages so it must be due' because we might select an EC that has been hitting a lot lately - perhaps we'd avoid that but if we bet where the dice tells us, we might just win. Similarly, if you like to ride the waves and bet on an EC that has hit a few times in a row, you run the risk that that trend will finish but with the dice you might be instructed to bet on something different.

As always with EC martingale its about how many spins do you keep going for. Well how many times do we think our selection via 1 in 6 random chance will continue to fail on a wheel that is just shy of even chances to hit. I ran a few tests betting 50 spins and the longest streak I had to win was 7, which is obviously not good using marty progression. I also had a 5 but everything else hit in 4 or less spins.

The progression and stop loss amounts can be looked at later, the real point of the post is to see what others think about this sort of method? I know there are similar things out there where you follow a code to select your next EC but I like the idea of using a dice as its unique to you then, as an individual player on that particular spin. EC players tend to lose because they don't alter their strategy and eventually hit a bad run that goes against them. I may be wrong but it seems less likely this will happen if we are randomly selecting different bets every time and only if the wheel matches our roll multiple times can we lose. :o


Re: Attacking random!
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So... what is procedure exactly to get the edge and how this edge is created?  Random doesn't mean favorable in roulette... unfortunately. 


Re: Attacking random!
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I'm a little lost too. You have six options. Do you play what the dice tells you and then stick to that for X number of spins? That's like playing Russian Roulette. Make it interesting and carry on rolling the dice until you get a repeat; that's your trigger to start betting. If I played EC's I would definitely NOT use the dice. I'll hand it to you though; a creative concept to beat random. It could work if you work out a way to sync the randomness of the wheel with the randomness of the dice.


Re: Attacking random!
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No, you change bet on every spin. So say you roll a 2, your bet 1 unit on odd. Next spin you have rolled a 6 so you bet on high. If you lost the first spin you double up your wager.

My thinking is that by doing this we are avoiding long streaks where one particular EC goes missing and we are taking the human fallacy thought process away. I reali each spin still has only a 18/37 chance to win but by moving our bet around at random perhaps we're more likely to hit sooner. If you only bet the same EC constantly you will fail at some point when it goes to sleep. But all 6 cannot sleep, 3 must hit unless 0 shows. The dice simply removes the temptation to look at streaks of hits or misses and fall into the trap of betting repeatedly on something that doesn't show. You could also generate a random list of integers from 1-6 at and use that.


Re: Attacking random!
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Why not roll the dice 3 times.

Once to pick an EC, once to pick how many times to bet the chosen EC, and once to pick how many units to bet on the chosen EC for the chosen duration.

roll 1 =1, bet low.
roll 2 =4  bet low 4 times.
roll 3 =3  bet low 4 times with 3 units.
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Re: Attacking random!
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Look at it this way.  It is an old problem regarding martingale play.  We win if we do not lose 10 times in a row (at least we find table accept 10 double up).

The player use to get afraid when the opposite color runs, the player do not dare to change (It would not allways help either)

The martingaler when try to find a way solving the problem. It can be waiting for a run, it can be bet against the last ten spins, and it can be using a dice.

ALL of this method will not help (and not make it worse), it does not matter how we try, we win if we do not lose ten spins in a row.
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Re: Attacking random!
« Reply #6 on: January 08, 2018, 11:55:47 AM »
Attack random? We can do with a random success. Otherwise if we could do it better, the casino would have respond, with an other zero or as they use to do adjust the table limits.

I do play martingale sometimes, and then I use to follow the last, the streaks is visible, the chop are anyhow in the same numbers. That is sometimes hard to digest, when we see the long runs of a color.

We could use a dice in martingale play, to  choose some spins when we parlay.

I did a 0.05 NOZ martingale and use some random numbers when to parlay.  I use small value chips as a loss of 1000 should not hurt. I can not become a millionare with roulette, for many reasons, the most obvious is we can not become that we allready are. 8)
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Re: Attacking random!
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I don't think I'd want to get to stage 10 of a martingale. I probably won't be using this strategy, just wanted to see what people thought as I know there has been support for the code4 (think that's its name?) strategy which is similar. I think that is following a code on the basis that its unlikely for the wheel to keep matching it, whereas my 'code' changes every time depending what number you roll. In the end its still 18/37 chance so it depends if you believe every spin is independent or that spins must produce different results in order to conform with the distribution curve. Personally I think if you have seen 10 in a row of a particular EC, there is a higher probability of landing on the other within the next few spins. Yes each spin is independent but unless the wheel is biased, statistical law says that variance is guaranteed. The short deviation from that simply cannot continue on and on. People who say if they have had 50 blacks in a row, the next spin is still 50-50 red or black, I think miss the point that they would never, ever ever see 50 blacks in a row. Ever. :D
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Re: Attacking random!
« Reply #8 on: January 09, 2018, 02:48:21 PM »
I understand the math, and every spin is independent. After 10 red, it is not any due black. But as black will have the same probability, we do not make it less chance to win by betting black.

I do often bets which I know would not help, but not harm either. If I see 10 reds, I can put a bet on black, and even a bit higher bet than I use to have. We see in a few spins black, but that happens only because that is normal, not strange at all, black and red use to mix up.