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This is an amazing concept-reality.
Well worth reading about it.

Overdiagnosis occurs when a disease is diagnosed correctly, but the diagnosis is irrelevant. A correct diagnosis may be irrelevant because treatment for the disease is not available, not needed, or not wanted.

Thus most of the inferences about overdiagnosis comes from the study of populations. Rapidly rising rates of testing and disease diagnosis in the setting of stable rates of the feared outcome of the disease (e.g. death) are highly suggestive of overdiagnosis.

Overdiagnosis can inflate survival rates without any actual health benefits as shown below:

Over 50% of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer after the age of 50 fall in the overdiagnosis category!
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OMGOSH!  Amazing statistical point!!!  Its like they are padding the stats with irrelevant cases and making it look good!

Medical industry = money making business

"Pseudodisease"!? O_o

Does this mean people going through RADIATION therapy for no actual reason!?

One point though, how is it that all the patients survived?  I would question that point because should radiation take out at least a certain percentage of folks?  I am not sure the illustration is reliable?? 
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Medical Industry = Money Making Business.

One would think this is a random statement but it is a lot more common than most of us believe. Everyone is out to make a quick buck. Medical industry is no exception.

An interesting observation in a study posted in a medical journal some time back looked at restored health through actual treatment and placebo treatments. If I remember correctly the recovery using placebos was actually higher than recovery from actual medication.

Cancer in any form still carries the stigma of a death sentence.
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Every one get canser millions if times a day. Most of us get a cure as well... some are so pigs that cure can not keep up. They are simply dirty and ignorant. These must die or change their habits. Simple.


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An aggressive stance MrPerfect, but necessary. Ignorance has plagued mankind from the beginning of time. Most people are fed into their lifestylesite like a sausage machine and all they seek is to emulate others so there is little hope of a lifestyle change.


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You sound ignorant if you believe that people "deserve" cancer. Wait till someone you love dies from it and we can talk then.
This is a very sensitive subject and I hoped people would touch it with the appropriate respect and intellligence instead of throwing out whatever comes to their minds first.


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Eating to live is what everything do... living to eat is a sin. It provoking asidity, next step is candida multiplication- canser. Take asidity out and canser goes away. Or you belive that can eat like a pig and live like a human?


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In the thread "Natural remedies and lifestyle choices" I refer specifically to the cancer plague on humanity.

The causes have been exposed to a point and our lifestyle, especially our diet is the main cause of cancer. We unfortunately continue using products with a risk factor as our current good health gives us a false sense of security.

What happens at the beginning of every year? People flock to gyms and sign contracts. They gym to get rid of the festive season weight gain but don't follow through with the program they have signed up for. Diet pills take over from gym but the unhealthy eating prevails. Fast food become a quick fix for many young working class people. The amount of time spent on healthy living is reduced to one or two days a month and our bodies can not sustain good health at this level.

MrPerfect did come across as harsh and insensitive but his message holds truth. We have to take some degree of responsibility for the health issues that affect us. My lifestyle and outlook on life in general forces me to maintain balance in my life. I have taken time to research and learn about healthy living.I am constantly aware of things that may have a negative impact on my health.



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Somehow l never hear about cases when people take responsibility to care about themselves and their life become worst...


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A correct diagnosis is irrelevant  if treatment is not available, not needed or not wanted. This on its own is harsh.
The two treatments for cancer used in mainstream medicine are radiation and chemotherapy, both very invasive and many patients do not survive the treatment. Resonance therapy was proved a success as a cancer treatment in the early 1930's and it is non-invasive. No side effects at all.
I can understand why people are reluctant to get radiation or chemotherapy. It is a terrible treatment and I don't think the success rate is very high.
If a treatment is not needed it is because the patient s not strong or healthy enough to survive the treatment.
A friend recently passed on from breast cancer and she was only offered radiation and chemotherapy as treatment. No medical "professional" spoke to her about other treatment options or "Alternative Therapies". This I find very sad.
The cost of radiation and chemotherapy is extremely high putting it out of reach for many people.
In this case prevention is better than a cure.