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Handle a 486 spins sleeper.
« on: January 01, 2018, 04:25:03 PM »
I got the longest sleeper since some time, this was 486 and that is not the worst we can expect.

The method I used could handle it longer, it was at the end but certainly it could hold 30-100 more spins.

A normal progression with minimum win will reach the table limit at 372 spins and bet a wast number of chips
19776 chips at the last step at 372th spin.

In the play I did we bet 210 chips on the 486th spin, and would lose at that spin max 177 chips.

The winning is larger than a narrow traditional progression on one number.

The play was on a EU-wheel with  normal payout 36. The ground unit was 1 Eurocent.

If we got a total loss the loss would have been much lower than a traditional one number progression.
Here it would e around 3000 chips total, about a 6th part of only the last bet otherwise.

The method resolve the session in one hit, like the traditional progression do.
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Re: Handle a 486 spins sleeper.
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This is a variant with lower bets and lower winning, still it can manage a long delay before hit a single number.

139 spins, which is not half trough.

The methods is described in other of my posts.  105 bet size, max possible loss on a bet up to the 139th spin was 69.


Re: Handle a 486 spins sleeper.
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Hmmm, somehow we need to track down this "other of his posts"....  :o
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Re: Handle a 486 spins sleeper.
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2018, 11:14:15 PM »
Hmm, what exactly is the progression used?


Re: Handle a 486 spins sleeper.
« Reply #4 on: January 02, 2018, 05:54:26 AM »
There is no "exactly" progression, there are hundreds to chose, but carry a main idea behind it.

Most of the traditions and thinking of roulette is methods
from the casinos which were operated by a lot of
personnel, and things were manual done. That was
making many kinds of play virtual impossible
or limited.

With the arrival of on line games and some
automatic versions of roulette, the stakes are
lower, the speed faster, and sometimes better
pay out.

Most of the mindset is still towards traditional
casinos, there the bet plans will be limited.
In fact most of the used systems and methods
are invented by players in Monte Carlo or France more
than 100 years ago. They are recycled and

There will not be time and the spread will make
things difficult. The dealers will be mad if a
team stake on all numbers, with different bets sizes.

The 486 sleeper was possible to handle, but not
without conditions, the balance between "good"
and "bad" numbers may not be extreme in favour of
the "bad". The target number can delay long and
end with a profit, if normally one number we want
to avoid not is the most frequent.

When playing we should get the best table we can get.
That is low minimum stakes, and pay out which is
with the lowest possible house edge.

The ways we can play are endless. The main thing
is to chose a number (or numbers) we want to hit and end the
session with. We must also chose a number (or numbers) which we
must hope not is the hottest, only this chose is
the matter of success or not, not so much how
long it takes to hit the number we end the session
with a win with. We will hit, if we can feed
the target number until we win.

I have been showing a number of ways in my postings
how that can be archived. And it can be done in
many more ways.

We bet most of the numbers (or all), and receive a small win
on many numbers on the beginning of the play. One or sometimes a few
numbers gives a loss, and we move a chip (or chips)
to the target number, compensating the drawdown.

How long we last, meaning how many spins can we stand
until we hit with a win, depends on most
our small winning numbers hit and keep the drawdown
smaller, until we come out as winning.

We can be unlucky and fail of course. In most cases
the drawdown is less than traditional progressions,
especially if it takes time to hit the target number.

In the pictures I show a play I did half an hour ago (before posting).
It is on an American wheel paying 38 on a single.

All the numbers are in play. If we hit a number (see pic)
which is not in the last street, we win 8 units (0,05).

If we hit the last street we lose, and at one number
very much. We compensate the target number, with the amount
needed to recover the loss. We do it by taking a bit
of the bets from the other numbers and add to the target.
We even out the reductions.
After some time with no hit on the target, we may lose some at
every spin, and the compensation to the target will be higher.
Never the less we need just one hit to win.

The bet size is not changed.
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Re: Handle a 486 spins sleeper.
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2018, 06:30:49 AM »
Here is a recent play,(see pictures) a simple version on NOZ. Got an early hit, so it was running to get the second hit. Which it did soon. If we think the target is very hot we can run for a second hit.
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Re: Handle a 486 spins sleeper.
« Reply #6 on: January 02, 2018, 12:58:17 PM »

The game here (see picture) is done on a NOZ
table, and the target hit is a street.

When we get the first loss of 0.55, we
move from the singles one 0.05 to the target

We do it every time we lose, and if
we have to move more than one we do.

On the first hit on the street we
are on new high.

This session won 103 units in 114 spins.
The street hits several times, and
the game was reset(some misstakes were done).

When we play rng casinos it can be
hard to trust them. Some send you a server
code which make it not possible to change
the numbers afterwards.
Anyhow if that is just ten spins, and we
play the same static bets, they could assume
the play will continue the same, and next
string will not be so safe.
We can change the string to 50 bets and
we can change our target and weak spots
every time it is time for new numbers.