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Pattern Zero roulette
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:43:12 PM »
Has anyone seen this, from a lady in the US called Carrie? I bought it as it was cheap and had good feedback.  Basically she has, or says she has, researched 1000s of real spin data and established which numbers show up close to each other most frequently. She has grouped numbers into stables of 4, some numbers featuring in 2 stables. The trigger is when 2 of them hit within 9 spins of each other,  you bet the 4 numbers for either 17 or 21 spins using progression.

It sounds bonkers on the surface,  just betting 4 numbers which is likely to hit in that many spins anyway. But I have to say when I started looking at data, every single trigger resulted in a win, time after time after time. And it was shocking to me how often the winning number hit either immediately or within 3 or 4 spins.

Just coincidence or could there be something to it? I began playing and won good money before eventually I did get a set that failed, and the problem is how much br you lose with the progression if it fails even just once. Carrie says it wins 98% of the time.

What I'm really asking is if anyone thinks there is something in the theory that certain numbers hit close together more than others, rather than if this is a good betting system, as I think it's not due to br being risked.


Re: Pattern Zero roulette
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I do believe I have seen this and I find it LAUGHABLY silly.

Percentage chance of the author actually being a woman?  Definitely less than 50%.

Over the years I have thought about "her" ideas and the only scenario where it might make sense is in a SINGLE session where there is only ONE sequence length and that analysis would NOT carry over to other sessions; i.e. number connections could only be unique to a single unbroken sequence. 

Could it appear in certain sessions that her connections are correct?  Sure but:

1) There is no guarantee whatever connections are experienced will persist and according to my research they should be certain to switch around on a consistent basis and that only within a single session
2) It is simply UNTRUE that there can be any objective & persistent connection between numbers in separate sessions

"Her" methodology as stated is completely false.  "Her" marketing method however, is quite alluring...

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Re: Pattern Zero roulette
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It is funny how easily people are made to believe in miracles.

There ainĀ“t no numbers following other specific numbers.

The idea behind it seems to be, that a sepcific sector is in front at the moment and therefore it is bet.

But realize: No-Zero is always a computer you are betting with. And as soon it realizes what you are doing, it will kill you.
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Re: Pattern Zero roulette
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Anyone who believes that online gaming is a fair and level playing environment, or that true RNG is generated from "seeded" electronic algorithms is NUTZ!
But don't take my word for it, find out for your own satisfaction, and prove me WRONG.
I can wait.



Re: Pattern Zero roulette
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No, the groups of numbers are usually spread out round the wheel. I agree its far fetched,  it just surprised me how often the group numbers hit quickly after the trigger but obviously not always so perhaps it just felt that way as I was looking for it. And this was always on live wheel not rng. Not sure where I suggested rng was fair or could be beaten?


Re: Pattern Zero roulette
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You didn't suggest it but of course I do. ;)

I know people that win consistently using RNG.  That doesn't mean online RNG is always fair, in fact you can see my concerns in this thread and here, so I wouldn't just blindly accept any online RNG. :/
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