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Don't Panic...Just breathe quietly.
« on: December 03, 2017, 04:43:08 AM »

Have just spent a six day sojourn at a B&M, playing, observing, feeding on the enthusiasm, sharing the dismay, you know the feelings, they wash around and through you in such environments.
I took particular interest in the emotions of players who were really engaged, but did not encounter the responses I expected.
Some accepted a loss or win with indifference, some gritted their teeth and fuelled the fire, until they were not only singed, but charred.
The main factor observed, (I am only discussing bouts of action at various roulette tables) was a resignation that even though "favorite" zones/colors/numbers were not appearing on cue, patrons stuck to them, hoping for a change
Overall, the results were so near, yet so far, that it seemed hard to believe that other forces were not at work, influencing results.
It would seem that obstinacy is a "system" bet.

Panic seemed to emerge where the original bank had been whittled down to 20% or less, and especially if a great deal of patience had been applied over several hours.
I also noticed that the game is a great leveller, in that the quiet lad at the near side of the wheel, who began each session with a 50 unit buy-in, improved by 50 to 350 units through each of the sessions I observed, while a very slick mid 40's business type, lost 750-1000 units per spin, for an hour or more, then shuttling between roulette and baccarat, with a win here, a loss there, then he suddenly left the gaming floor in a hurry.
I don't know why or where he went, but he left enough behind to pay for a new car.

My accumulated findings?

-Every plan or scheme or strategy regarding roulette has good and bad points, will succeed or fail, purely on timing/coincidence/luck good management, more bank money, less fun money, optimism, cynicism or any combination of all of the above.

But, Don't quote me on that.

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Re: Don't Panic...Just breathe quietly.
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And, I have no idea why the font changed size either.


Re: Don't Panic...Just breathe quietly.
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The rich text editor (the default editor for any first post) has invisible tags that can be deleted without seeing them or picked up if we copy and paste from another source.

The way to avoid it is twofold:

1) Hit Ctrl-A and select before submitting the post

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Makes me want to talk to the quiet lad! :D
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Re: Don't Panic...Just breathe quietly.
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Thanks Reyth, Will be better organized from here on in.
FYI, the "quiet" lad was playing 3 consecutive numbers straight up.
His seed trigger was, let's say 17.
He then counted (ACW) twelve pockets, and wagered his 3 units, one each on 28, 12 and 35.
He then repeated the same wager and outlay for the next 10 outcomes.
If one of his numbers "struck" say 28,  he would then use that as his (new) seed trigger, and count back to 24, and his next "set" would be 5, 24 and 16, for ten wagers.
His discipline was admirable, and his results were worth it.
Yet, he was so calm, in the sea of commotion, it reminded me of Rudyard Kiplings poem, "IF"

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Re: Don't Panic...Just breathe quietly.
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Fyodor, did you ask that " quite" fellow how he play? Or you are a post wrighter?
   You " inspect "wheels without skill,take conclusions without knowledge,  now you are reading minds? ???   
   Besides , according to your original post, you are looking players more then roulette itself... that's alarming for someone without skill.... could you post data for your last play endaviors?
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Re: Don't Panic...Just breathe quietly.
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Mr P,
I did not have to ask him how he played, I recognised the method very clearly, however, I have since spoken with him and verified it.
Have just answered a post (to Mike) about that type of play, as I have been using that type of brevity for some years.
Of course I look at players, they are an interesting mix, from all walks of life, and the "heaviest" gamblers, with thousands to throw down, still do not seem to have any apparent advantages over the rest of us.
Yes, I inspect wheels, so what? -
Unlike some who would spend a lifetime looking for a "back door" or a "river of gold" to exploit, I just want a fair and honest game, where the house has a chance, and I have a chance.
That I succeed more often than not, is down to preparation and discipline, and if I get it wrong in some results, I don't blame the wheel, the ball, the croupier or the casino, (losing a "set" in tennis does not mean that you have lost the game).
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Re: Don't Panic...Just breathe quietly.
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I do not see any data posted, Bro. ..
  I could assume you can see some things without data, but you do not posses the skill of determine bias visually.
   So what you are looking for there? How do you determine that game is "fair"?
   Do you realise that fair game it's automatically is a loss?