Author Topic: Electronic roulette-type betting device having different odds at different times  (Read 1310 times)

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Electronic roulette-type betting device having different odds at different points in time

An electronic roulette-type betting device and method is disclosed. The device comprises a display unit and an associated display control unit for the graphic reproduction of a roulette bowl device together with a rotating ball, at least one input unit for inputting symbols on which to bet, a time control unit for setting time limits for the betting process, said limits being reproducible on the display unit as ball rotating limits by means of the display control unit, an odds determining module that determines different winning odds for the individual symbols according to the pre-defined time limits supplied by the time control unit, a random generator for producing and transmitting random variables as winning symbols, and a comparison and evaluation unit for comparing the symbols bet on with winning symbols, and for determining and displaying wins in the event of a correlation of the symbols.
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You know what?
I believe that casinos cheating is basically not a matter of technological advances so much, as a matter of intention. If an establishment is dishonest and if it is not properly regulated then it will find a way to cheat players one way or the other. For example one common way of cheating players are hard withdrawal restrictions.


AP work both sides... be it player or casino.... biggest AP is them already... just few more steps is required to create environment where player is doomed. Players need to wise up... ASAP


@kav i dont care any more. They have renamed cheating to be called security because there are people out there like everyone in this forum constantly looking for a better edge or odds to win.

@mrperfect AP for me is finding out all of these useless patent ideas and combining them into one roulette wheel experience.
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 There is a difference between sequrity measurements and cheating.... these with sequrity... they are beatable. These that deliberately cheat... not beatable.
    Not long ego rrs device was considered cheating... now few players ( including myself) consider it " god sent".
   There is at least one model of electronic roulette wheel that cheat player by default.  It has rng to "determine" number and supposed make adjustment for it to hit. In reality it simply choose numbers without or with minimum bets.