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Kavouras on an American wheel redux
« on: October 03, 2017, 08:48:17 PM »
Sorry for starting a new post; I read the thread from last year ( with great interest and wonder if anyone made further progress on a workable American 0/00 version.

I've given it some thought over the past days, but before I get to that I'm curious about a few notes from the original thread:

So, this is what one should try to do in order to convert the bet for the American Wheel
  • Keep the numbers as same as possible.
  • Mimic the spread on the wheel as same as possible.
  • Keep the distribution of numbers over all dozens, columns, colors, high-Low, Odd-Even as possible.
  • Cover at least one Zero
I'm most curious about the "zero" aspect - I couldn't tell if the goal was more around a good spread distribution on the wheel vs. anything specific about 0/00.

One thing I noticed when thinking about the problem: on a European board, it's 20 spots out of 37, 54% coverage.  On a 38 spot American board, at that ratio we should cover 20.52 - rounding up, that's one more than we had before.  Hmm.
So I started thinking of how to maintain an 8 unit bet while covering one additional number, while also maintaining a good spread on the wheel and across the various categories (even/odd, columns, dozens, etc.)  This brought me to splitting up the double street (blasphemy, I know) into 2 bets: a 2nd combo of 4, and a single street.  This goes from 6 to 7 numbers but still maintains a winning payout on all 21 numbers across 8 units.
What I came up with was:
  • 1 unit on 1/2/3 (single street)
  • 1 unit on 13/14/16/17 (first quad)
  • 1 unit on 29/30/32/33 (2nd quad)
  • then 1 unit on the following pairs: 4/5, 6/9, 19/22/, 24/27, and 28/31.
If 0 coverage is important, one of these could be cut out but it'll throw off the balances.  The current numbers have 11 black/10 red, a 10/11 split on halves of the wheel (only one gap of 3 spaces, otherwise 2 or less), 7/7/7 splits across the 3 12's, 10/11 hi/lo, 11/10 odd/even, and an 8/6/7 split across the 3 columns. 

Eight of the 21 numbers pays +1, 3 pay +4, and 10 pay +10. 

Curious if anyone has comments on why this is a terrible idea etc. etc.  I'm a relative novice when it comes to roulette so I've found this site to be fascinating in terms of approaches...

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Re: Kavouras on an American wheel redux
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2017, 09:33:18 PM »
welcome to the forum. This is a great post, both in content and form. Very well written, with paragraphs etc. I hope we had more of this type of posts.

I had not have the time to study your bet yet. It seems fine on first sight.

The only reason zero is good to be included is in case the dealer aims for the zero, in order to make the outside bets on the table to lose. If someone is already betting heavily on zero or if you are sure the dealer doesn't want the players to lose, you can ignore this parameter.
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Re: Kavouras on an American wheel redux
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2017, 12:59:11 AM »
I find your post most fascinating!  I never play on the American wheel and so I am at a loss but your payout/bet selection synopsis looks great!

Obviously you have worked hard on this and it shows.

Welcome to the forum! :D
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Re: Kavouras on an American wheel redux
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2017, 08:15:58 AM »
If you live in the US and you have no choice then you are in a unlucky position. The double zero roulette is inferior in compare with the European one zero roulette.

My first analyse is, that you describe a beautiful 21 number bet system. It is not a method. In the short run the result is unpredictable. My advice do a lot of practice in the fun mode on an online roulette.

Much faster is to program the system to get a lot of information.
An Excel program is very easy.

 If you are familiare with Excel my program is free available.
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