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Has anyone noticed it?
« on: September 29, 2017, 03:28:27 PM »
You have a good roulette system strategy formula. etc you win as much you make a winnings record either how many times you win the l game sessions row or you make a record big win in one game session but then suddenly this aforementioned good gameplay system strategy formula. etc   will stop working completely down the area of your loss winnings you lose 3 or more sessions at once, so the ultimate question is why one that works well 10 or more game sessions ceases to work well anymore at all
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Re: Has anyone noticed it?
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Long term success is based on statistics & method.  If we leave the door open statistically, roulette WILL walk in and take our money.  Our method must be prepared to recover from this.

This is why conservative play is essential to long-term success; it allows our method to be as strong as it can be.

Its kind of like while we are playing, we know in the back of our mind that a large series of losses can take place but we know it is rare because of the statistics which we are operating with and we have a certain confidence because we have structured our method to recover, even if this happens.

Conservative play is a major key to this confidence, imo.

Our method must strain to provide as much advantage as possible, sacrificing as much as possible, to increase our ability to recover.

Structuring a strong method is like security locks on a door, common criminals are kept out but can a strong gang still break through?  Yes.

Our solution is then:


Without a conservative approach, all our strength is spent just keeping the door closed.

If we don't treat the rare successive failure as if it is due every spin, we will be crushed.  In other words, we have to build our method with the worst sequence in mind, because ROULETTE WILL BRING IT!
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Re: Has anyone noticed it?
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If for example the worst sequence is 10 spins against a  bet of a specific system, then you need to find the statistical possible frequency of the worst sequence happening. If that frequency is 1% ( as low as it looks it can still claim an entire B/R and all previous profits),  and the rest of the mildly bad sequences are 20% (like 6 spins against the system's bet, then 79% should happen as expected from the system).
Then it makes sense to bet spins 3-6. Leaving 2 spins to lose virtually. And only play 3 spins, ending the bets just when it hits the most frequent somewhat bad sequence.
Starting from spin 1 can accumulate 2 or more lesser bad sequences in a row.
Which is just as bad as running into the black  swan one time.

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Risk of losses fall into roulette
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2017, 07:50:38 AM »
Spins are a random event where there are no limits or attributes but you playing way may have constraints and attributes, but if the game met to win the tenth of your sessions in row time it is not about luck its rather good way to play
Any Roulette game the way can not survive without a loss of 10K or 100K random generator spins which are real random, I have tested many ways to play with Roulette Xtreme 2.0 or the more you play spins the more likely you are at some point loss or the advantage of the house finally causes it


Re: Has anyone noticed it?
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I tried and liked it!