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mr j

Blackjack...say what?
« on: September 24, 2017, 03:09:19 PM »

>> Usually two kinds of tricks are done on clients who are mostly drunk.

    Providing incomplete deck of cards
    Immediate shuffling of the deck of cards

Removing certain cards from the deck before play

This was practiced many years ago in several Las Vegas joints where unsuspecting players usually who have had a little too much to drink, will be given a deck of cards with missing cards. Some of the cards would have been removed before placing the deck of cards before play. <<


I read a lot of articles, anything related to gambling. I find it fascinating. I read this from a dealer/floor person. Have you ever heard of this? (lol) Lets just say that some of the cards WERE removed. Which cards? and those same cards removed, not helping the player, would they also NOT help the casino as well?

Lets just pretend.....all 5s, and all kings are out. Would that not be equal for both player/house?



Re: Blackjack...say what?
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A pre-ordered deck would work better! :D


Re: Blackjack...say what?
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What if we play on online casino, example Mr Green, when I didnt see that the decks were change. They put 4-6 deck in one box, and the dealer just put out the cards from the box in row.

Is it then possible to counting card successfully in Mr Green casino online ?


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I physically just got done playing blackjack and am wondering how you don't see the card that they put into the last ~ 2 decks isn't technically removing cards


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Low cards remaining in the deck benefit the house, whereas high cards benefit the player. If they did remove all the fives and all the kings it wouldn't have much effect, but I am sure if they removed cards then they were high cards.

Card counting at online casinos is very difficult because they usually have 6-8 decks and the penetration is poor. I have even seen some casino's state in their T & C's that if you are suspected of card counting they will void all bets. That means if you were using any form of progressive betting they could claim you were card counting and void your winnings.

A stacked deck would only work if the casino knew no new players would join the table and none of the existing players would leave before the shoe was completed.
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