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Author Topic: What is the true nature of that which we call Future  (Read 1005 times)

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What is the true nature of that which we call Future
« on: September 24, 2017, 01:02:00 PM »
An adjacent question would be, does time-symmetry, as we know it imply retrocausality?

In 2012, a little-known physicist and philosophist by the name Huw Price presented a theory which basically stated that if the strange probabilities behind any given quantum state mirror something real and if nothing restricts temporality into one direction, a reversed causality could be an equal given probability in the blurry cloud of probabilities permeating our Universe.

A Physicist, or Mathematician, well versed in Quantum Theory in line with Huw Price´s revolutionary discoveries, on the other hand, would certainly be able to explain the appearance of this "Future" rather than the one expected and belonging to the old world of classical physics.
Recently, In a new paper published in Proceedings of The Royal Society A, physicists Matthew S. Leifer at Chapman University and Matthew F. Pusey at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics have lent new theoretical support for above argument that, if certain reasonable-sounding assumptions are made, then quantum theory must be retrocausal.

From a roulette players view, Huw basically said particles, or waveforms do not act like a solid roulette ball rolling on a predestined orbit around a wheel before it hits a pocket and rests there once its kinetic energy is dispensed, but more in an obscure cloud of countless possibilities shifting constantly depending on inter-dependent occurrences around in the Casino.

From his own theory of probable retro-casuality, the ball could in one possibility jump back into the hand of the dealer as much as it could land via a Classical Newtonian predetermined ball decelerating orbit and stop in a pocket of the wheel corresponding to said orbit and kinetic energy dissipation.
If we, for example, take a future probability 1, of n futures, in this ongoing possibility in our Quantum Cloud, we have this drunk player at a roulette table who suddenly pushes the table with his mass and kinetic energy due to his biochemical inability to control his strong desire to win this specific spin,  and the very vibration spreading through the various molecules constituting the table, the bowl, the upper and lower ball bearing mechanism and the wheelhead itself. results in a slightly shifted path where the ball hits a certain dust corn of a certain density, sufficient to change its orbit a millimeter lower, which makes it hit a diamond from a certain incoming angle, that redirects said ball of certain mass and kinetic energy, into the dealers hand, instead of the previous predestined pocket 0.

Few gamblers at the table, even the most experienced professional advantage players, would even know the precise reason why not number 0 or its closest neighbors did not come up and why the ball landed back in the dealer's hand for that matter.

The majority of the human mindset still believes and perceives a distorted reality of a Universe devoid of the everchanging probabilities in a blurry continuum of possibilities this normal human mindset call the world and its apparent illusion of the three times known as past, present, and future.

Of course, there are, and has been, a lot of critique of Huw´s theories,  where the loudest ones claim that the strange things that take place in quantum mechanics cannot ever be explained by actions taking place in our spectral interpretation of said reality. i.e that which we call our world. and then other stubbornly holding on to old adage´s that there is complete time-symmetry in classical physics and no apparent retrocausality.

Why should the quantum world be any different? Huw basically said that the ongoing quantum entanglement between particles resulted in a myriad occurrences of where actions took place somewhere else in a spatiotemporal continuum, a property of the other instantly affected the one in our closest perimeter could be measured and proven to probability wise correspond in its action to the former, while other particles didn´t.   

Einstein called this strange cloud of distant impervious particle behavior, spooky, and I call it a natural behavior of phenomena based on the interdependent origination with the so far obscure dark energy substance that governs our Universe and many others from a level even below the subatomic.

If you seek proof -  the very game of roulette is an excellent source and proof enough that should open your eyes and mind to an underlying absolute reality taking place as a myriad ongoing realities of sheer possibilities ,on so many minute levels, it goes way beyond your wildest imagination.

Hence Imagination here is an obstacle and not an instrument of proper perception. One could in a way say that the "imageless" mind, on par with the actual reality of the Universe taking place is the proper mindset for a good roulette-player.

For more information about Huw Price´s theory, pay a visit to
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Re: What is the true nature of that which we call Future
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I can clearly see why folks criticise the guy just from your description of his theories. If he really considers a probability of ball jumping back to dealers hand- he got problems!!! If he asigns this probability to be 0.5, he got more problems then we both could imagine. I never witnessed such a phenomenon, and l would be surprised if you did.
   Luck of understanding of basic probability in this nonsense is extraordinary. I wouldn't criticise Saint enquisition to burn such a " sientist" publically on a good Friday. 
     It's just a way to say... l do not advise or encourage to anyone burning anyone else,  especially on good Friday ;). Hope you do not take it personally,  it was a good read.
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Re: What is the true nature of that which we call Future
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It was just meant as a nice Sunday read. Of course thought provoking content, but still just some news from the world of Quantum Theory I chose to present to our friends who deal with the Kings among games of chance.

Thank you for the appreciation.


Re: What is the true nature of that which we call Future
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There is something to be said for the potential of an "intellectual connection" with our play. 

Many gamblers give this a name like "the flow" or "the dance".  I think it is an important form of learning about roulette to experience these sorts of phenomena.

There are patterns in the random flow and by paying attention, we can learn things about how roulette works.

Just so I am not perceived as making this up, by watching the flow of the random sequences, I have learned about what I call "The List", where it is clear that certain sets of numbers are on a list where the flow will hit them more consistently than other numbers; its almost like roulette attends to the list and then throws out "a real random number" like:

LIST random LIST LIST random LIST random random LIST LIST LIST random LIST LIST

Mr. J has agreed with my observations and he appears to be a hardcore gambler (even if he deliberately doesn't share his method)! :/
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