Author Topic: Which land-based casino roulette that is also offered in online casinos is best?  (Read 956 times)

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The options are
Authentic Live Roulette Professional
Authentic Live Roulette Superieur
Authentic Live Roulette Original
Authentic Live Roulette Turbo
Platinum Casino Roulette

Portomaso Gaming Oracle Live Roulette
Portomaso Gaming Live Roulette
Evolution Gaming Dragonara Casino Roulette and Grand Casino Roulette
Extreme Live Gaming Admiral Casino Roulette
FitzWilliams Casino Roulette
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I have played most of them for years (except Platinum and Admiral which I started testing just recently). They are all good and have their own specific flavour. Both bet-selection wise when t comes to their available websites either directly like Portomaso or via proxy (Unibet, Leovegas, Dublinbet) offering the rest.

They all offer a good variety on bet-window time between spins. Anything between 30-40 seconds and up to several minutes. They all use good wheels and good dealers, the most professional being those of S:T Vincent which are not on above list.

The girls at the Oracle Casino are very beautiful and very good in quick payouts between spins, especially when the tables are crowded with gamblers. The ones at Platinum Casino (Hilton Hotel Bucharest) are a bit amateurish and slow.

Irish fitzwilliams are also good, though Dublinbets new betting platform has made the live feed display very small and the betting platform very large so unless you use two screens (one for your notes and one for the platform) things can get a bit constraint.

All in all, my favourite Casino is Oracle and S:T Vincent. I wish they could open San Remo´s wonderfully luxurious Casino, that even rivals Monte Carlo in its 19th Century architectural design and which has an online broadcast feed only for Italian Citizens. Hopefully soon, the Italians might skip that necessity of a Codice Fiscale (tax code card) they require for registering an account which is only given to Italian Citizens or those living and working in Italy (or having an Italian address).
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About LandBased Casino Roulette Wheels
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The above-mentioned Land-Based Casino roulette's is mostly used in cammegh Roulette wheels only Dragona Land-Based Casino Malta is in use by TCSJOHNHUXLEY and Italian-based landbased Casinos are using the Italian Abbiati roulette wheel when talking about cammegh wheel there may also be using RRS random rotor system on them so it will prevent some Roulette gaming methods work to good some extent
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Great list LROP!
It would be nice to also add the casinos (name town, country) these roulette games are from.
Also which company offers the Platinum casino roulette? Authentic?

thomas when you reply try to use the REPLY button, not the QUOTE button.

I have played the Dragonara in Royal Panda and I can't say I'm impressed. The spin the wheel too fast, not fast between spins, but the wheel itself.
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Evolution Gaming Hippodrome at Land Based Casino London UK
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It is also possible to play the Evolution Gaming: Hippodrome Land Based Casino London UK then you must register on the hippodrome online casino site so that gambling is possible they Roulette table 
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And by the way do you have any preferences?
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Compiled this list from my own forum´s  Casino Information Channel:

dublinbet proxygamesite offers these  non studio Live casinos.

Fitzwilliams (Ireland)

Draghonara Casino (Spinola Bay  Malta)

Portomaso table 1 (same as above)

Oracle Casino (same as above but at Sain Pauls Bay and with two good hotels a mere 100-200 meters from it)

Grand Casino Roulette (Budapest Hungary)

unibet (one of Europé´s biggest sportsbettingsites. Registered at several stockexchanges)

Casino International (Zagreb Croatia) offers 2 tables

S:T  Vincent Casino ( Northern Italy) Offers three tables including a French roulette with three dealers called Authentic Roulette Superiur

Platinum Casino (Hilton Hotel Bucarest) 1 table

portomaso (landbased casino Portomaso Casino that offers alsoonline gaming and acts as proxy for the landbased Oracle Casino s online gaming)

Offers 4 tables. (bet windows anything from 40 seconds up to several minutes during evenings when tables are crowded with gamblers.

Oracle Casino 1 table.
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