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Focusing On One
« on: May 13, 2017, 03:43:53 PM »
Ive spent a lot of time over the years playing different systems and enjoying them. Reminds me in a lot of ways of different technical indicators with the stock market. I never made a lot of money however as I would play a system and then move on to another. Some would lose, some would win. Right now Im focusing my energy one one system I really like and working to make it better and better. I take notes with everything I do. What works what doesnt. I will devise 5 different ways to play the system. Maybe one time going with a long progression, or another time breaking the progression into levels. Eventually I will master the system as one can master a stock indicator. They will know it inside out. Why it wins, why it fails and how to make it better. So thats my mission right now. It might take months, I dont know. But I will work my current system into the best it can ever be.
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Re: Focusing On One
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Wow really kewl Jake! 

Ya its so true, we keep hoping the particular twist we are using will make the variance more manageable.  At a certain point we have to dig our heels in and deal with the variance that will be there no matter what system we try.

Why do you like your system so much?


Re: Focusing On One
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the best way to become a successful player is spread your risk. First you must make the difference between a strategy and a system. For all  the157 the posibilyties on the table or the 37 number bets you can design a system. Every system can be played with different strategies. Playing with real money I use more than one system and strategies.
 In this way you spread your risk. This is a main rule also on the stockmarket.

For an inexperience player it is very difficult to understand all my bets on the table.

My study and research of the random sequences is the basic of my success. Without the results of my Excel simulations  I should not gather so much knowledge about the random sequences.
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Re: Focusing On One
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  I like the idea of focusing on one because i see too often players jumping from one unto the next without really putting enough effort on that one. it is also because the "new" becomes "old" and our emotions does not get the "fixe" it demands or the "pleasure " of a new hopefull system.

having said that Dobbe is right about the spread and its advantages. placing all your eggs in one basket has its desadvantages as well.
BUT THE REAL PROBLEM IS THE FOLLOWING;  even if a player has a fair enough method, he takes more time then one can master to see hard rock results by playing that one system/stategy.

what I suggest is what I play. what can get a player to the long run much faster and therefore be practical in real play.
the Cluster method as a example. 3 numbers with a main number. (wont go into details since you can find it in the "merger street system post forum".

a minimum of 25 sessions is required to get a hard rock result. if you play one cluster, or one session, it can last me 2/3 hours on a real table. a lot of time.
you can play 12, 16 sessions, be in the red. a lot of time invested and the average player can not handle the bad swings. too much to handle. some can, but most wont.
so the solution is to convert the 3 numbers and play them into streets. therefore you can easely keep track of at least 2,3, or more clusters at the same time.
I have to have a pen and paper but I can GET TO THE LONG RUN MUCH QUICKER THAT WAY.
it is "work", yes, but it is worth it. each "cluster street" must be played separately and exactly the way you would play each one.
also by playing 3 methods at the same time a player can play each at a smaller unit value and make up in "volume" of wins verses losses.
the fact is that way too often we dont give enough time for something to work. even having a winning strategy is not going to do it. anderstanding long run is the player's worst enemy.

best, Rinad
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Re: Focusing On One
« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2017, 10:19:00 AM »
This weekend I have played some sessions on 888casino . I prefer the live European roulette I can not recommend the live roulette for new players. The time for placing your chips is about 17 seconds.The screen is very smal and you make very easy wrong bets There is less time to correct your mistakes. The short betting time makes it it impossible to play more systems or strategies. Software designers have no idea how  a player makes his decisions.


Re: Focusing On One
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2017, 05:36:48 PM »
So far my best tried systems are The Turbo progression and Bullseye 92% progression. The problem is that around when I get my bank doubled then comes the killer variance. It's like casino pushes red button on me saying you have won too much we gonna take it. Then leaves me thinking what I did wrong or was I just really unlucky.

The variance is the real problem and  the only solution seems to be have a bigger bank to withstand huge variance that comes at sometimes when everything you do that was good before is not working anymore.

Or maybe I should be happy of my winnings at some point or change the system when bank is doubled. Now it feels that the peristent black swan always comes and gets me. But now Reyth has coded a good analyzer for the bullseye and It's quite promising right now.

I must more focus on the risk profit ratio. Since growth of 50% bank is still quite nice.

Dobbelsteen that's spreading the risk is kind a new for me need to study more. Thanks.

Still I'm optimistic and I will try. Something I have learned along the way.
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