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IG Parachute
« on: May 13, 2017, 03:16:53 PM »
Anyone like to test this and share the results or come with ideas of tweaks are welcome!

It's a parachute system consisting of 7 different systems of mine; 7 Level bets. (+1 Level at win -1 Level at loss). Restart at Level 1 anytime you reach a new high

Progression: Positive. Oscar's Grind, +1u for each WIN (if reached a new low). Reset when reached a new high.

im not sure about stoploss/wingoal/BR. It also depends if you play Live or RNG. My tests are done with 1u bets and random spins in RX..

as you can see in the chart, it went down to step 7 in the ladder (-200), but then a nice recovery... So, i guess a "large" bank of minimum 300u is necessary (?) OR else take loss and play with a smaller stoploss... idk which is better

*NOTE, THIS ladder can be played with minimum stakes (if "Come out of her 2", is played with 4 DS instead of the 2 doz bets)

1) Come out of her 2 (Doubledoz bet)
Wait for a dozen to repeat; (Hit 2 times in a row),
NOW you wait for this repeat to END.
THEN when this repeat has Ended (and a New doz hit)
you do a 1 step attack;

1-->> First spin you bet that this Repeating doz will *Not* hit again.

2) Anti-Street Repeater (50/50 bet)
First hit bet the "other" unhit Street within the DoubleStreet hit (each DS consist of 2 streets)
THEN bet all other DS with 1u, and continue this procedure,
for each DS hit, That DS bet is Removed and new bet is placed at the unhit Street within that DS..and so on
STOP at any win/loss.

3) Dozen Dagger (doz bet)
Bet the last 4 hit doublestreets with 4 streets--
at the *unhit* part of those 4 DS (each DS consist of 2 streets)
STOP at any hit or after 3 losses

4) The Fast and Furious (DS bet, 2 streets)
Bet the 2 neighbouring STREETS of the current hit street for 6 spins, then STOP

For an example: Street 4/6 Hits. NOW you bet the 2 neighbouring streets 1/3 & 7/9 (for 6 spins, then STOP)

5) Triple X (3 numbers)
Bet the 3 numbers of the same color hit within the "other" doublestreet within the same dozen hit
(each doz consists of 2 ds)

For an example number 3 Red hits, (that is ds 1/6) now bet the 3 Red numbers within ds 7/12; (numbers 7, 9, 12).

6) Turbo Spinner (2 numbers)
A NEW street hit- Bet the 2 unhit numbers within that particular street. IF no hit within 18 spins STOP

7) System One (1 number)
Alway bet the latest single hotnumber.(nonstop)
When a new hotnumber comes, bet is always changed into that new hotnumber.
(Stop after 36 spins)
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Re: IG Parachute
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Wow neat concept! :D
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Re: IG Parachute
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Yet another failed system,

871u drawdown, (but sure it recoverd) but that kind of drawdown is unacceptable to me. sry. i won't be testing this anymore,.....


Re: IG Parachute
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I think it would be so kewl if the levels were related, like if one type of bet is losing, then the next level would address what the previous level was missing?
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