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For this methodology I coined the term "Accumulation", which best describes what it does. The mechanics are quite simple - yet may select the numbers any way you wish and even change them in the process.

I will describe how I perform it...

I placed a 1 unit chip on each of the first five numbers spun. Each time one of these five numbers hit, I placed another unit on it and continued to do this throughout the whole process. While placing the initial five chips, should a number I've already placed hit again, I placed an additional unit on it. I did this until I had the five spots covered. From then on I placed an additional unit on one of these five each time they won. That's it. The chips will gradually  "accumulate" on each number.

I give credit to Ignatus' "Trinity" for getting me thinking in different directions about attacking the wheel at its "weakest" payout point - the single number 35-1 payoff.

The action can be dynamic. It's almost like a wild animal - one that needs to be controlled and studied for better efficiency. One has to decide the cut-off points (up and down), but the method often has you in profit and gives you time to to quit on the plus side. I usually steer away from less stable methods, but I'm attracted to the very handsome payouts that "Accumulation" can offer.

During the game, the spots will tend to have uneven amounts on them. You might have a couple of numbers with 4 or 5 units on them...while others might have as many as 10 to 12 or more...depending on how far you go. I believe the unequal distribution of chips enhances profits to some degree.... while a more even distribution lessens them.

You'll need a fair bankroll to handle the variations. Be patient - things usually start slow at the outset... but the momentum builds fast. A word of caution.... as the number of units (and bankroll) increases, one may tend to get caught up in a feeling of's probably best to quit while ahead, as the dark side is ever lurking.

Knowing when to cut and run (as always) is paramount...
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Re: Accumulation
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Wow nice!

So its a positive (and hold) progression?

You never change numbers after those first 5, right?


Re: Accumulation
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Reyth, that's just the way I do it. As always it's open to refinement. Its raw power is what impresses me. I'm sure some screws can be tightened to make it better.
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Re: Accumulation
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Ya it definitely has some staying power until a cluster blasts some profit.  Do you also like Kav's 5 number paroli?
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Re: Accumulation
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Thanks Reyth. Is his paroli listed on this forum?
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Re: Accumulation
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Re: Accumulation
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this is a great system. i played a very similar system a while back and i am telling you ,this method is very under rated for its potential. i am glad you posted it.
once i reached 5 units on a bet, i do it this way; instead of going from 5 to 6, i go from 5 to 7.
1 ,2,3,4,5.
just to keep a same ratio when you go up is important or you could get stuck up there not getting value .

so many ways to play this.
also if it is hard to get ahead at first, and you are running behing, and then you are bach to even playing higher bets with a small profit, i like to start over with 1 chip on each number again.
i like the repeats to come easy at the right time and that way i dont fall back with big bets later on.
this system can get you a lot of chips with little investement if you play it right.

turn 200 into 2000 is very commun in this type of system.  playing favorites is where it is at, but sticking to the same numbers can still do you good if you hang in there.

you have,as you mentioned earlier, so many opportunities to get out ,it is the beauty of it and is a great advantage.
thanks for sharing,

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