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There are a few "coincidences" that I've noticed. The glaring ones are, numbers hitting after someone has played it their entire game, as well as tables being filled and the one number that isn't covered gets hit. Some of the, in my opinion, less likely coincidences I think I see are multiple tables hitting the same numbers consecutively, and the zeros hitting more often than expected. These all happen at my local casino.
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Re: Coincidences
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 Game becoming more difficult. It's your local casino.... imagine what kind of funny things can be found online!!! There they are registered in remote areas and can do whatever they please, literally.
    I'm not saying it's imposible to beat them, take myself as an example. I'm doing fairly good money online. In modern times player to be a player has to make much more effort then before.
  On other hand, wheels l consedered imposible to beat 2 years ego, they become very posible as my understanding increased. ... as long as it's not totally random or controlled with high precision,  always there are ways to explore them.
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Re: Coincidences
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I think that these are just coincidences, Heatmap.
Numbers hitting after they have not come up when someone actually has bet them ? When I first started to play roulette I had that experience . My advice here ?  DON'T LOOK BACK  !
A number winning that has been the only one not bet ? MANY times .But not at  a busy table . After the ball has been lodged usually someone has noticed and placed a chip there  -  " just in case "  !
It may not happen on multiple tables but I USUALLY see at least two tables with the same numbers showing on the last spin.
Zero hitting more than expected ?  I have already posted  of an occasion when I experienced  TEN zeros in 100 spins - four of them  in a row .
And other numbers sometimes come up more often than  their expectations so why focus only on zero ? It has the same expectation as any other number.
It happens Heatmap , so don't dwell on it . This messes with  your mind - don't let it  ! 
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Re: Coincidences
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@scepticus not dwelling just trying to start some conversations to get a feel for this place  :D
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