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Feel free to answer the above question. what are your thoughts?

I have been absend for couple of months due to medical conditions. but in mean time had lots to think about. that is why i'm curious to know what everybody thinks about that question stated. Some may remember me, and some of my posts i've posted and know how i think about how to  play roulette. to be honest, in some point i still stand behind those statements, but on the other hand i do think entirely different on some aspects.

This topic could have been placed in strategy section also , because this question is actually involved with some ideas for a set up/way of playing which i will talk about later.

So if this topic should be moved, feel free to do so. In mean time please do discuss :)
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No real interest so far it seems. I guess I''ll start then.

Is it hard to win 100 units? no it isn't.
is it easy to win 100 units? if it were simple, roulette wouldn't be a Challenge

Is roulette beatable? yes it is.
Is roulette beatable in long term? no it aint. It's like a pitbull coming back at you taking away the meat from your bones, till there is nothing left but a dead corps.

problem is , if you pop this question. players will give you several different answers. reason why is simple, cause beating roulette doesn't necesairly main the same thing to everyone.

So if you're thinking in a way of how to beat roulette. first question that you had to adress is, what is your idea of beating roulette.

I think the majority of players isn't in it for beating the game. Most of them play for the enjoyment of it, and with a clever approach you can enjoy it for a long time. some losses som wins, nothing that affects your initial bankroll much. in mean time you have great nights with a little excitment. Others may choose to go to a bar to spend and evening, or go to a restaurant and so on. In other words just a hobby which can make you some money from time to time.

To me beating roulette would mean to beat the game, winning that much that i never ever have the urge/ need to return to it. Cause it made you financially independent.

Many players are concerned with the effects off te long run. But if you are an occasional player , you'll never get to what 'the long run' is anyway.

the difference here is, most are searching to beat in consistantly. Thats something different and i wonder if it could be done.

From my point of view to achieve it, the game of roulette is rather a sprint than a marathon. Because the longer you play, odds of stil being in front of the game, gets lower and lower.

what i have been doing last copple of months:
start with initial bankroll of 100 euro/$
starting bet: 1% of your bankroll, so 1euro chip.
target or a stoploss per session dont matter. the initial goal is to win 100 units, doesnt mind if it takes you 1 session or 5 session, just get in done. so in fact doubling your bankroll. how you do is entirely up to you. To me it aint hart to do, so i wont bother explaining how. I mean everybody here is experienced enough.
The only thing i do to manage my bankroll is walk away if i miss first 5 spins.
when things are little mixed up in losses and wins, if you play it smart, and a bit lucky , you end up with a little profit.
These two scenarios are there to keep you bankroll at +- same level.
so in fact, if you are disciplined doubling your bankroll wil hapen sooner than later. if you are lucky i could be done in less than half an hour, sometimes it takes a week or more.
when you are there. your bankroll is at 200.
Transfer you initial 100 onto your bankaccount.
take a bet with the 100 you have one. i know this is agressive, but keep in mind that if you miss, this aint money you have lost. you already have won back your initial investment. How much of a gamble you want to take if entirely up to you.

Scenario a:

if you succeed, your profit is raised dramatically. lets says you put 100 on a double street and you've won. so you are at 600.
your initial 100 is still on the bank account. the 600 is pure profit. start again with trying to win 100 units. with a base unit of 6 (1%)
Repeat the same. transfer 600 onto your bank account.
take a 600 euro bet , if it fails, it isn't that hard. because you have already 700 u of winnings on you bankaccount.
when you have this scenario, changes of really getting back to losing everything is pretty low, because everytime you succeed a step, the money goes onto your bankaccount and cant be wiped out in a bad run. remember when the start is really bad , just break off the session and leave, to try and force your luck with progressions. when things go bad , they tend to go even worse when using prgressions. use thm when you are on a good roll.

Scenario B:

You managed to win 100 units (double initial account) but lost your bigger gamble bet. No worries. just puts you back on square one. You haven't really lost the money. you just have to try again. the only way to lose the money is , when winning the 100 units on steady basis is a problem
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what is your idea of beating roulette.

Find a way to view the results which approach the worst possible expected statistical features, on a regular basis and construct a betting scheme that can handle any swing the statistical anomaly should have left.

I think the secrets of roulette become more and more visible with every spin we experience.  As human beings we need spins so we have "evidence" to work with but the same secret force is at work with a single spin and every single spin.

As impractical as it is, I think its possible to "look" at a sequence of spins and know which number will come out next.  Its just that we don't even have the computing (mental for certain! nor CPU resources) power (or maybe even the time; i.e. even if we could bear the scope) to handle the numbers involved.
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It is not a problem gain 100 units near all days. The problem is to avoid losing more the not near all days.
A not near all day can wait for hundreds of days.
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Geoffrey, I hope you are on the mend!
 In my opinion answering your question is easy and hard at the same time. Winning 100 units is not difficult if the units are small.  We can all win 100 small units with the larger bankroll. But if we attempt to win  100 larger units with the same bank roll,  our play begins to slow down a little and you find yourself playing more in the long run then the short run.  I myself play in the long run. 250 spins, to win 15 or 20 larger units, let's say black chips is usually my goal. For me this allows my bets to stay somewhat flat for an extended period of time while the conditions I'm playing for develop. There are times that my win goal is only partially achieved, but with the larger units, I am happy with only 5 or 8. But I would not be happy if the unit size was nickels and dimes.  Actually as strange as this may sound, I would rather put in five hours of work with larger chips and breaking even, or even be down a unit or two, then put in the same amount of time and be up 5-8, small units, for the same amount of time.  It sounds crazy I know, but we all have our strategies. 
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Winning 100 units frequently/consistently (without experiencing bigger losses) is hard.
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thanks for the insights , i modified my post with an idea. I do admit its agressive. But maybe it's the only way to really beat the crap out of this game, is to manage to get a highroller bankroll together. search for no limit table, or casinos who are willing to except bets higher than the official table limit. the strip shouldn't be a problem i guess.

I've been playing the way i described in earlier post, for last 2 and half months. got the initial bankroll of 100 up to 5000. with same amount as backup in on my bankaccount.

bottomline is: play conservative to insure your 100 units win. after that show your big cojones.
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So you have doubled your bank 50 times!!!

AND you have a Fail-Safe bank!

Ok, here is the $6M question: Have you yet hit a total drawdown sequence (repeated losses on the first 5 bets)?  How much drawdown has ever occurred this way?

Also, I am having problems deciphering exactly your method in a specific step by step way...
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I would like to share how i do.
Set a goal to get 10 of 100 unit each. Doesn't matter how long it takes, but first at all you must use your own money.
So lets call it level 1, we need 10 x 100 unit.
Level 2 we need 10 x 200 unit.  Means that in level 2 we use casino money which we got in level 1. And to get one 200 unit we have 1000 behind it.
Level 3 10x400
Level 4 10 x 800 .. and so on by doubling it.
Its a long play, but if you do so, you have target!
Most important point is to increase your chips everytime you go into higher level. If you start to play 0,5 cents, next time you play 1 eur, level 3 ... 2 eur and so on.

To answer the question about 100 units... well if you practise enough and using many different system to play, its not hard to win 100units, but in never know, sometimes you need just few bets and sometimes few hours to get it done!
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So you have doubled your bank 50 times!!!

AND you have a Fail-Safe bank!

Ok, here is the $6M question: Have you yet hit a total drawdown sequence (repeated losses on the first 5 bets)?  How much drawdown has ever occurred this way?

Also, I am having problems deciphering exactly your method in a specific step by step way...

sure i had a couple of setbacks but so far i haven't had a session that has worn out my initial investment.
the longest consecutive lossing string of 5 misses and walk away session was 10. That cost half the bankroll.

So you have to adress to problem with the added losses first. when having a good run , try to get the bankroll back at its normal level.

when things are restored. just apply the things you feel good with, i dont mind the kind of play anyone uses. Just play conform you're own style with tactics you like best.

the whole idea is that you'll give yourself the opportunity of making a pretty large bet. without doing yourself any harm. when your bigger bet loses, you dont actually lose money, cause you already saved your investment onto your bankaccount. the bigger bet is just there to push you luck a bit and getting a higher bankroll to start with.

even when you have the extreme bad luck that your bankroll gets worn out. the acumulated provites you have got along the way gives you the oportunity to start over with a bigger bankroll.

The only way to completly lose your investment is failing to double your bankroll on the first try. in all other cases. even when the bankroll gets drawn out in a further stage. you will be able to restart with a bankroll that is higher than your original investment. If things are not clear i'll try to put it more simple
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Step 1: Double your bankroll (the way how you do isn't important) example 100 to 200

Step 2: Transfer half of  it to your bankaccount. half of 200 so 100 gets to the bankaccount.

Step 3: do the 100 unit no risk attacted bet. hit or mis. example: pick  a double street. how much risk you want to take here is entirely up to you to decide.

Step4: depending on the outcome of step 3. your bankroll is now 600. Restart with step 1. try to get the 600 up to 1200.

Step 5: depending on the outcome of step 3. your bankroll is empty. but you have already saved your investment (see step 2). restart without extra cost.

Maybe you could see this as kind of an elevator strategy on high speed.
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