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Auto-tracking 8
« on: January 13, 2017, 12:28:43 AM »
Okay, let's hope I can explain this right - :)

This is an EC system with a progression. We start by tracking 8 spins - let's say RRBRBBRB.

We are going to use a 'bet same as'/'bet different than' method.

Red will equate to Same (S) and black will equate to Different (D).

So, as per the tracking above (RRBRBBRB), I will write down SSDSDDSD.

This means that as soon as we have the first 8 tracked numbers we begin betting.

First bet will be S (same) as per the string above, which means that because the last EC of the string was B (black), we will bet on black. If black hits, we write that down at the end of our SD string as a 'D' (because black is always a 'D').

Our string now becomes SSDSDDSDD

Our next bet will be S because the next letter in the string is S, so our bet will be on black, because that is what just hit. If a red hits this time, we lose our bet and we write a 'S' because red is always S.

At this stage, if it's a bit confusing don't worry - I will do a run-through below.

So, on to the betting progression...

The progression is a simple Fibonacci - 2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55.

While we are in positive (winning - ie above zero dollars) mode, we simply move through the progression on a loss, then revert back to our base bet - 2 - after a win. If we dip below zero then our progression will do a 'stepback' bet before reverting to 2 again. Eg - if we are currently minus and we are at a bet of 13 (and win that bet), our next bet will be 8 before going back to 2.

Alrighty then, let me do a sample run...

Track 8 spins - BBBRRBRR

Convert to SD - DDDSSDSS

First bet - 2 units on D (last EC to show was Red, so Different would mean betting on Black)

Red hits - we lose. Add it to the string - DDDSSDSSS - remember red = S

Next bet is D again - this time 3 units - (last to hit was red, so we bet on black)

Black hits! - win. Add to the string - DDDSSDSSSD

Revert to base bet.

Next bet in the string is D (different) once more (the 3rd letter from the beginning).

Last to hit was black so we bet 2 units on red.

and continue on, always adding the S or D based on whether red or black hits.

I'm sure there will be questions, so I will help with whatever I can.

I have done a pantload of trials with this (using Hamburg and Baden spins) and never got above a 34 unit bet and always shown about a 20 to 25 unit per hour win rate overall. At casino mins of $2.50 or $5, a few hours a day makes for a good week!

You may want to tweak the progression/stop-loss etc, but I think it's a sturdy method.



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Re: Auto-tracking 8
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Interesting method of attack.


Re: Auto-tracking 8
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Welcome to the forum  trojan.
Interesting system.
What is the reason we transform R and B to S and D? What's the difference?


Re: Auto-tracking 8
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2017, 05:08:09 AM »
Hi kav,

the R and B is converted to S and D so that we know whether to bet Same or Different.

Sometimes, betting on red could be a 'same' bet and other times it could be a 'different' bet. If we left it as just R and B there would be no guide to tell us what bet to make.




Re: Auto-tracking 8
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What is the logic behind this method?
What thought process lead you (or the system creator) to this approach?


Re: Auto-tracking 8
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What is the logic behind this method?
What thought process lead you (or the system creator) to this approach?

I think his reasoning, kav, is that if the last colour was the same as the previous colour  then you bet the same colour again .This catches streaks.
If the last  colour was different from the previous then you bet that the next will also be different. This catches “chops”.

So far as I can see  you only need two spins as the seeds to start. E.G.  RB shows a D ( for different ) so on the 3rd spin you would still bet D which , in this case, would be Red.

I could be wrong though.     
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Re: Auto-tracking 8
« Reply #6 on: January 31, 2017, 09:53:53 PM »
Has anyone given this a try? I just went through the whole progression and lost.